Mohammed Atiq


Centering plates archaic about the triumph of self-figure that would be shed Dew on the small stuff ... 'and that is rebuilt and organized according to the vision of a distinctive personality, also seeks to overcome the place to become his paintings are universal across passed over for the image and the representation of graphic refusing simulation, is no longer subject photogrammetry necessarily on the relationship of things visible around him, but dimensions of mind, this strolling research which is reflected in the paintings of the old became a painter purely categorically with all the possibilities of representative, as he used the bulk of purposes including Bugger, scrapers and ordinary altering its primary function by changing their place and their relationship between them and the recipient Ba urged all Other alternatives to the reality of traveling to other worlds through bilateral areas such as white and black, which are embodied in which all diodes
The old boards and components is the art of stand-alone and the same value lies in the things that come out of the ordinary across its uniqueness and distinctiveness furnish plates.

• General manager- Regency Art 2013
• Chairman of Qatar Fine Arts Society, 2012-2006
• the Deputy Chairman of Qatar Fine Arts Society from 2003-2006
• employees in Qatar TV (graphic designer and port) 1986

• a member of a group TellusArt Sweden 2009

- India - Bangladesh - Germany - Italy - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Yemen - Oman - Egypt - UAE - France - Iran – Algeria.


• the arbitration award is the first Biennial, Dhaka 2003.
• The arbitration award is the first Biennial, Dhaka 2008.
• Second prize in the competition of national heritage and the environment in the eyes of the Fine Artists 1998.
• Jury Prize competition heritage and environment of country in the eyes of Fine Artists 1999.
• First prize in the competition festival time the first day Sea to the Gulf Cooperation Council Jeddah
• First prize bronze statue in the second exhibition for the youth of the Cooperation Council

16th Luxor International Painting Symposium