mohamed Tayseer Hamed


Tayseer Hamed

Born in Cairo in 1955 and a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Arts in 1978, he participated in several solo and group exhibitions inside and outside Egypt, such as The National Gallery of Fine Arts at its sessions 31,34 ,40&41 Al Bab, Museum of Saad ElKhadem besides to Ubuntu Art Gallery, Samah’s Art Gallery, Nile Art Gallery, Al Gazeira Art Center, World Art Dubai 2022, Cairo Art Fair – Grand Egypt Museum 2023, Faculty of Applied Arts and some other galleries. He also participated in Visual Arts Forum between Egypt and Africa, The first forum for the arts of Africa and participated also in Accademia d’Egitto-Roma “Messaggi Dal Sud”.

Hamed also has award of Dubai Cultural Magazine for Creativity in Fine Arts alongwith collections including the Cairo Museum of Modern Art and others related to the extension of Al Madina Al Monawara Airport at Saudi Arabia.



16th Luxor International Painting Symposium