1986   Kazan Art Collage named after Nickolai Feshin  

2014   Kazan State University of Culture and Arts, Faculty of Art Culture and  Design        


1992    Art  residence of lithography and etching  "Chelyuskinskaya" Moscow                                                                                                  

1994    Art art-residence of the Academician of Painting named after I. Repin " academician» Sain Peterburg



solo projects

1992-2018  Image of Islamic mythology “My White Bird” 2005, ”Maryam plucking the fruit”2017, 2018  (painting, grafica) Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan,  Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Mari-El, Museum of Fine Arts of the  Chuvash Republic

2005-2020 Artistic research “Mythology of different cultures”  - Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Udmurtia, Komi, Crimea, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia, Mari-El (art residence)

2017 Duck that created the World (painting, grafica,art object) Zelenodolsk City Art Gallery

2020 Memory of blood (painting, digital, art object) Gallery city of Kazan

2022 Alfa DNA( painting, digital, art object) Gallery of Contemporary Art of the city of Kazan (Tatarstan)

Curated project

2005-… Nomadic scrolls. Habar (traveling exhibition of scrolls)

2014-2017  Art expedition. Bolgar (art symposium)

2020-…            Raif Art Festival Contact of Cultures




2005 International MASTER CLASS EUROPE-ASIA, Uralsk, Kazakhstan.

2005 International Laboratory VIII "Turksoy", Akcakoja, Turkey

2006 All-Russian Symposium on Painting. Yelabuga, Tatarstan

2007 Karlyk-evi International Symposium in Cappadocia, Turkey

2007 International practical art Symposium within the framework of the project "Ser no tour" - "The Art of Light", the Republic of Udmurtia

2008 International BiennaleKonya, Turkey,

2011 International Biennale "Modern Turkic Art", Akshehir, Turkey

2011 International Graphics Biennale, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan

2018 International Ethnofuturistic Art Symposium "Archaic and Modernity", Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Komi Museum of Fine Arts

2018 International Art Symposium, Mersin, Turkey

2019 International Art Symposium "Turkic World", Adana, Turkey

2019 International Art Symposium, Museum of Modern Art, Nicosia, Cyprus

2019 International art expedition "Tatar villages of the Eastern Crimea", Sudak, Republic of Crimea

2019 International Art Symposium, Velingrad, Bulgaria

2019 International Art Symposium, Suceava, National Museum of Bukovina, Romania

2019 Ethnofuturistic Symposium KAMJO ART, Kamyzhevo village, Department of Culture of Kez district, Udmurtia

2019 International Art Symposium in Sparta, Turkey

2020 Art Residence, North Macedonia, Berovo

2020 Ethnofuturistic Symposium, Mari-El, Yoshkar-Ola, Republican Museum of Fine Arts.

2020 Art Residence, Turkey, Kastamonu, Shenpazar

2020 Ethnofuturistic Art Symposium "Dokya" , Kuzebay Gerd Museum of Vavozhsky, Udmurtia



Almetyevsk Art Gallery (Republic of Tatarstan)

Bulgarian State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve of the Republic of Tatarstan,

Bakhchisarai Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Museum-Reserve (Republic of Crimea)

"Galeev Gallery", art Gallery, (Moscow),

The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan,

State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve "Kazan Kremlin",

Yelabuga State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve of Tatarstan,

Cyprus Museum of Modern Art, (Nicosia)

International Organization of Turkic Culture "Turksoy",

Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Mari El,

Municipal Art Gallery of Zelenodolsk, Republic of Tatarstan,

Naberezhnye Chelny Art Gallery of the Republic of Tatarstan

National Cultural Center "Kazan",

National Museum of Bukovina, Romania

National Museum of the Komi Republic

Embassy of the Republic of Tatarstan in Moscow,

Feodosiya Museum of Antiquities (Republic of Crimea)

Art and Historical Museum named after A.V.Grigoriev, Kosmodemyansk


in private collections and galleries in Russia and abroad.




2011 Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan

2013 Laureate of the Gold medal of Union of artists of Russia “Spirituality, Traditions, skill”

2006 Laureate of the badge of honor of the international organization “TURKSOY”

2018 Winner of the Association of book publishers “Best book of the year 2018” competition for the book-album of the artist´s work “Alfia Sargin Ilyasova. Images of Islamic mythology”

2022 Laureate of the State Prize for Fine Arts

The artist's name is in the Tatar Encyclopedia on the golden pages of the publication of the Renaissance Foundation, his works are kept in museums of Tatarstan, Russia, Europe and Asia.


16th Luxor International Painting Symposium