Sarah Mohamed Kheir Ahmed



  Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts: Department of Painting; Class of 2016/2021.

  Graduated with 1st ranking; Excellent with honor degree over the class.

History of employment:

  A member of the illustrators of Good Morning Art Magazine. - Oil painting instructor at Black and White academy.

  Worked at Artcon for design and implementation of artistic paintings and carvings with recommendation.

Training courses in the field of education:

  A pre master student of fine arts, painting department at Helwan university.

Participatory projects in art scene:

  Publishing works in an Arabic magazine (Sabah Al-Kheir), as well as a university project during the first year of collage in (Al-Ahram newspaper).

  Participating in a group exhibition at the Museum (Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and his wife) and (Young Plastic Artists Exhibition of Portrait Art).

  Participating twice in the exhibition in the Great Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan, for students and won the 1st place.

  Participating with two works in Girls' Week in Fayoum, affiliated to the Faculty of Fine Arts.

  Obtaining (first place) in the 45th Fine Arts Competition at Helwan University.

  Participating in the (Dia gallery) festival after Corona 2020.

  Participating in the exhibition (Salon of Egyptian Arts) in its first session at the Syndicate of Fine Artists, Opera House.

  Participating in the Fine Artists Exhibition 2 at Muhammad Ali Palace.   Participating in the Youth Competition for Visual Arts affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, "Cultural Development Fund, Freedom Center for

Creativity in Alexandria".

  Participating in Al-Ahram newspaper "Aladdin magazine" "our childhood in our drawing".

  Participating in the 9th season of (Ebdaa) competition in 2021, and obtained the first place (graphics).

  Participating in Motion Gallery 2021.

  Participating in the 32nd Youth Salon at the Egyptian Opera House 2022.

Participate in NBE Portraits competition and win an incentive prize for myartworkofM.MohamedMahmoudAbouSady’sportrait,2022.

Freelance artworks and projects:

  Selling my graduation project through (Motion Gallery) exhibition. During the 9th season of (Ebdaa) competition in 2021, my art work obtained the first place (graphics) and sold by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

15th Luxor International Painting Symposium