Walid Ahmed Nayif Ismael


Walid has been working in the Comics Arts field for almost 20 years and being occupied with drawing comics strips has always made it difficult for him to achieve the dream of exhibiting his paintings. However, he can’t deny that his experience throughout these years has sharpened his skills. He also pays credit to his studies in the High Cinema Institute, which has expanded his artistic and intellectual horizons.    

Walid believes that his endless desire to find solutions is his main inspiration; he is always inspired by lights, shadows and mysterious places. He loves to walk in Cairo’s streets especially its ancient narrow alleys and loves to talk to its people. He tries to unravel the charm of the historical city, which captivates his soul and never fails to inspire him

He unleashes his imagination and thoughts to traverse beyond the scenes and the faces in front of his eyes; he also gets into big debates with the natural lines over the surfaces, as follows he gets stimulated and led to innovative initiatives.


- Member of the Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate.

- Member of the Egyptian Syndicate Of Plastic Arts .

- Member of Art Lovers association.

- Member of Al Ghoouri Agency Artists association.



Education & Workshops;

I graduated in 1989 at the Academy of Arts, at the High Cinema Institute. Post graduation, I attended several training courses to sharpen up my linguistic and computer skills.

I also spent sufficient time brushing up my professional skills as I attended many workshops in different fields, just like Human Rights, Children Abuse Prevention, and Media for Children.


Art Exhibition:

- 2010 Participated in Studio Creativity Festival.

- 2012 Ahram FoundationArt Fair.

- 2013 July "Yalla N3esh"with the Egyptian Modern Art group.

- 2014 June "Art Corner" Gallery Art exhibition.

- 2014 "AlGona" Art exhibition.

- 2015  February "Movement paths" Exhibition In B Art Gallery.

- 2015- 2017 March " Black&White" Exhibition In Gezira Arts Center.

-  2015 May -  2017 October - 2019-2021 “ The General Exhibition" In Arts Palace- Opera House.

- 2015 June "Austrian Cultural Center"Exhibition.

- 2015 August " Egyptions7" in Cordoba Art Gallery.

- 2016 February " A Hidden Massage 2016" Art Lounge Gallery.

-2018 "Agenda" of the Library of Alexandria.

-2019 "Drrob" Gallery Small pieces.

-2022 “yassin art Gallery” Diffrant spaces.




Professional Experiences;

-2014 creative Art Dicector & Managing Editor :Alaa EL-Din magazine" till now.

- 2013 Maquette layout &Art consultant at "Al-Shabab Magazine", Al-Ahram Establishment.

- 2012 Art Managing Editor at "Nisf Al-Donia magazine"

ALAhram Establishment.

- 2004 – 2009 Character designer & Art consultant& advertising designer & creative director for "Gernas" agency.

- 2010 storyboard for "Just like today” -“Zay El-Nahrda" -Egyptian movie.

- 2009 planning & running many comics’ workshops.

- 2008 layout &storyboard &character designer for "Hanady" TV series at the Egyptian TV.      

- 1993-2010 comic artist & the designer of the main character of Alaaeldin magazine, Al-Ahram Establishment – script writer & art director of "1500 pages “drawing & writing” and 400 covers designing. 2002-2007 creative designer & art consultant - 2007-2010 Managing Editor - 2010- 2011- editorial manager.

- 1991- 1993 Comic Artist, Al-Sahar, cartoon's studio.

- Character designer for Al-Karafs family" TV Muppets show & "Younis" series at ART channel.

- Comics artist and writer in many Arabic kids magazines.

- Writer & painter of many books at "Nahdet Masr" agency.

- Many of the children's books include "The Secret of the Great Pyramid", "Nightmares Palace", "Sobh in the Land of Ugly" and "Stories from International Literature".

&He has a books on explaining plastic arts for children, including "The Game of Art".

-‫critical readings in magazines interested in plastic arts, the most recent of which is the magazine"Alkhayal"..

-Art workshops "Fue" universty 2020.

-  Editor-in-chief and Art director of Aladdin Magazine till now.



-2014, "Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate Layout award" for designing Al-shabab magazine layout.

-2013, "Mustafa &Ali Amin Layout award" for designing Nisf Al-Donia magazine layout.

-2011, "Union of Arab Ambassadors Childhood award" for the best teen's magazine "Alaaeldin magazine".

- 1991, the best Comic Artistic "Suzan Mubarak award for Children's Literature & Arts”.

- National Council for Childhood and Motherhood award for character designing & decoration of "Al-Karafs family" TV Muppets show at ART channel.


Computer Skills:

- Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point.

- Good knowledge of MS office, Outlook & Internet.

- Very good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

- Very good knowledge of Adobe In-Design.

- Very good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

-Good knowledge of Macromedia Flash.

-Good knowledge of QuarkXPress.


Language skills:

English: Good command of written and spoken English.

Arabic: Mother Tongue.



Professional Skills;

* Communication

* Planning

* Presentation

* Writing & Documentation

* Research and Analysis

* Trouble Shooting

* Multi-tasking and Time Management



Football, Reading, Children, Women, Human Rights.

15th Luxor International Painting Symposium