Jamal Abdul Rahim


is born in Bahrain, schooled in India for 4 years and has always had a worldly outlook. He builds his art from the movement of society deeply rooted in rich Arab civilization, its mythology, religion and language.

He is a multi-talented, multi-tasking self-taught artist. He started as an oil painter, then a professional print-maker artist and a sculpture-artist.

In 1987 his works came to limelight in a group exhibition at Al Hala Club in Muharraq, Bahrain.  This was the first exposure of his talent to the public of his country. In the year 1990 Jamal got his first solo exhibition held at Bahrain Arts Society, and in 1995 he got his first solo exhibition held at Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, UAE.  Over the next few years his work was widely seen in Europe and Asia. From that period a series of solo and group exhibitions all over the world brought Jamal’s work to the notice of public.


He has several national and international awards, appreciations and recognitions under his belt for his phenomenal works. After many years of hard work and obtained knowledge searching for self-realization, expressing himself initially through philosophical forms, he finally found his self within the depths of his style of work.


He is a member of The Bahrain Arts Society. He was honor guest for several national and international art/graphic art events.  He was a Guest of honor at the 4th International Triennial of Graphic Art in Egypt in 2003, Guest of honor in the 2nd Biennial of Art Book in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt in 2006, and a member of the jury of the 26th Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Spain in 2006.

Jamal has an enormous passion towards producing hand made art-books.  He has produced nearly 30 hand made book collections in association with various well-known poets and writers.  His art book “Rasa’el Qasab” (cane messages) has been collected by The British Museum in 2007, and his print art work "Al Qalam" was added to the permanent collection of the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore in 2010.

He draws his paintings with inspirations from pure reality in their most realistic forms but in his own way that tends to the classics in a more modern way. His skillful use of bold and strong colors, as well as his use of gold and silver colors, are notable features of his work, which is highly appreciated on the international levels.

15th Luxor International Painting Symposium