Mostafa Rabie


Born in 1992
BA- Information Systems, 2013.
The basic motif behind Mostafa Rabie’s creations so far has been a raw sense of optimism and fresh charm. His style treads a thin line between instinctual and naïve art, a space where child-like lines and compositions exist but with the intention of a skilled artist, His subject matter is deeply rooted in Egyptian folklore, yet it’s almost a wonderland version of our culture. All his
figures are playful and light-weight, as though they are dolls or marionettes in a children’s theatre, but depicted with the skill of a mature artist .
From the private exhibitions he held Hymns of Survival at Zamalek art gallery 2021, cherry exhibition at Zamalek art gallery 2020,Happiness x joy exhibition at Zamalek art 2018, (Hope is a Traveler) at Room art concept 2018,
Toronto, Canada.
International Group exhibition "Unlimited " At Meridian International Center in Washington DC - USA -2022 , Participated in Al Dau International Art Festival - 2022 .

15th Luxor International Painting Symposium