I work on the image of the female body and the intimate. My work, is exhibited like a place that tells stories and memories. Serial project, where paintings, drawing, writings and montages invite each other, dialogue, question themselves and allow themselves to be surveyed through the action of their characters and their encounters. The female body takes shape through the confrontation of its protagonists who then become points of reference and which seem to attach the pictorial tt to reality while remaining vigorous catalysts of fiction-alite.

PERSONAL EXHIBITION: 2021: “Diaries”, Galerie Kalysté La Soukra, Tunis. Tunisia 2014: “Regards…”, Gallery of the Ibn khaldoun cultural house, Tunis. 2017: Annual exhibition of the Tunisian Federation of Arts FTAP Plastics 2015: “Conceptual Metaphors”, Galerie Efesto a la Marsa 2014: "Large formats" of the UAPT in Tunis Palais Khair-Eddine - Tunis City Museum 2013: Biennial of the Union of Tunisian Visual Artists (UAPT) 2013: “Les Trames Invisibles” organized by ARTCOM at the El Palace Abdellya at La Marsa 2004-2018: Annual exhibitions of the Union des Artistes Tunisian visual artists UPAT 2005-2006: National exhibition of plastic arts in Sfax 2004-2005: National exhibition of plastic arts in Sfax 2012: "THEY: the second", Gallery Le CAP, Tunis 2005: "Face à Moi", Gallery of ISAMS Sfax. COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION: 2022: Yàgg na (formerly in Wolof) the off of the biennial of African art DAK'ART, embassy of Senegal Tunisia 2021: COVID'ART, Gallery "The blue violin" Sidi Bousaid Tunisia 2021: The biennial of pop art, Gammarth Tunisia 2019: The Friendship Fair, Marrakech Morocco 2019: International Exhibition "Silk Road", Beijing China 2019: Exhibition "The black point" city of culture Tunis 2019: Exhibition of the ensemble symposium of contemporary art, Hammamet Tunisia 2018: Exhibition of the contemporary art days of Carthage (first session), city of culture Tunis 2018: "Consul 'Art", House of Crafts and Crafts Marseille, France 2018: Contemporary Art Fair UPAT, Palais Kheireddine Tunis

Prizes and awards 2017: Second prize On the sidelines of the annual FTAP exhibition in Tunis. 2013: Certificate of honor in painting on the sidelines of the CTAM art competition. 2005: First prize on the sidelines of the annual plastic arts exhibition in Sfax. CONFERENCES 2021: participant in the colloquium "Women and art in the Maghreb" organized by the international association of art critics, intervention entitled "my artistic practice between "writing and painting" 2018: "Victor Hugo in exile: genius in painting and the poetic revolution" (International Festival of Poetry and Pictoriality of Sijilmassa Morocco) 2017: "Voyeurism in art: the sublime and terrifying sin" (international conference "Taboos and artistic practices" Hammamet Tunisia)

15th Luxor International Painting Symposium