Mohamed Desouky


* Pre-Doctoral at Sorbonne France 2009.              

* Master of Arts in Folk Fine Arts, Academy of Arts 2007.

* Diploma of the Higher Institute of Folk Arts, Academy of Arts, 2002.

* Diploma of the Higher Institute of Art Criticism, Academy of Arts, 1992.


* Held 72 special art galleries in Egypt, France and Germany.

* Having a permanent art gallery by his name and the name of Egypt in the governorate of Potsdam (Germany)

* Member of the Artists' Ceremony at Wekalet el Ghouri              

* Member of the Photography Division of the Syndicate of Fine Artists.

* Member of Directors Board of several major technical societies and held the position of General Secretary for several years.

* Participated in more than 2000 group galleries and many joint galleries in Egypt and abroad.

* Represented Egypt in many international forums in France, Germany, Jordan and other countries.

* Published my first book in the Arab world about Ramadan lantern entitled (Candles, Lanterns and Khayamiya) by the General Authority of Cultural Palaces.

* Having many critical articles published in Al-Ahram newspaper, Al-Hilal magazine, Industry and Economy, and others.

* Having many research studies in many encyclopedias, including the Millennium Encyclopedia of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, the National Folklore Archive, and others.

* Collected more than 50 folk crafts in a research method issued by for the Egyptian Society for Folk Traditions shared by UNESCO and the Aga Khan.


* Contributed to the project of developing Fatimid Cairo, Al-Darb Al-Ahmar area, with the Caravan group, representing the National Society of Fine Arts.

Having many collectibles in:          

* League of Arab States (Office of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States), Museum of Egyptian Modern Art - Nile Museum in Aswan - Republic Presidency - Dr. Taha Hussein Museum - Investment Authority - Embassy of Egypt in Pretoria - Embassy of South Korea in Cairo - Embassy of Venezuela in Cairo - Embassy of Egypt in Paris - The Egyptian Consulate in Paris, the Arab Labor Organization in Cairo, the United Nations, and many Egyptian embassies abroad, and some embassies of foreign countries in Egypt - Gilad Museum of Art in Jordan - Suad Kafafi Museum at Misr International University - a permanent exhibition of the artist's works in my name and the name of Egypt in Germany (Potsdam) - Talal Al Zahid Museum in Jeddah and collections of many individuals.


15th Luxor International Painting Symposium