Ahmed Allam


Ahmed Allam is a visual artist, photographer and documentary film director.  He was born in Cairo Governorate, Egypt.  He obtained his BA in Art Education in 1998 from Helwan University in Cairo.


    Early in his career as an artist, Allam's work focused on graphics, digital photography, cinematography, and editing.  He also worked as an Artistic and Production Director in major advertising agencies specialized in media production for more than 22 years.  All of these experiences contributed to Allam's development as a visual artist when he turned his full focus to visual art in 2017.


    Allam is fascinated by studying and photographing the vast Egyptian deserts, with their huge rocky and vegetation masses and the interdependence of their colors.  Allam also conducted an in-depth study of various Egyptian seas, analyzing colors, color relationships, and coral reefs in the production of documentaries.  This experience won many awards and performances inside and outside Egypt in many international festivals.


    Allam participated in many international cultural events around the world and many group exhibitions outside Egypt.  Domestically, he took part in a number of youth salon tours in succession from the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth, and took part in the public exhibition.  Allam has won a number of awards in the fields of photography and painting.  His work is in art collections with institutions and individuals based in Egypt and internationally, including the 2020 2021 holdings of the Museum of Modern Art in Egypt.  .

15th Luxor International Painting Symposium