Hadeer Salah Zordok


Biography of the artist: She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mansoura University, ranked second in the Graphic Department (printed designs), with a grade of distinction in her graduation project.

• First place in drawing in the fifth girls' week 2020 at Fayoum University

• She holds a full-time grant from the Ministry of Culture in the field of graphics 2021.

- Exhibitions I participated in:

• Participation in the Youth Salon 2020.

• Group exhibition in Dai Gallery (Forsan Day III) 2021, I participated with 18 artworks

• Dai Festival for Arab Youth 3 ''2020'' at Dai Gallery.

• Post-Corona Festival 2020 at Gallery Day.

• Vanguard Exhibition of the 60th session "2020" at the Fine Arts Lovers Association.

• Salon black and white 2020.

• “Artistic Edition” exhibition 2020 held at the Fine Arts Lovers Association.

• Exhibition of the Youth Competition for Visual Arts in Alexandria in 2018 and 2021, session 8.

• Nawar Prize for Painting Exhibition 2017.

• Exhibition agenda of the fourteenth session 2021.

• Vision exhibition "2" in Alexandria 2018 at the Museum of Fine Arts.

• Green-root (online) 2020 international art fair.

• Artistic Lights 1 at Prince Taz Palace.

• Acquisition of a business by CIB in 2019.

• Acquisition of a plaque in the office of the President of Mansoura University in 2019.

• Acquisition of paintings at Galala University.


14th Luxor International Painting Symposium