Abd El- Aziz El-Guindi


- Born in Cairo 1968.

- Bachelor of Fine Arts – Cairo 1991- Graphic Department-Cartoon Animation and Book Arts Division.

- Professor of Graphic Department.

 -Masters " Artistic features of the Press Graphics in "Sabah El-Kheir magazine" in 1996.

- PHD " The Arab Identity of the drawn character in Children's books" in 2001.        Member of the sendicate of plastic Artists.


 Exhibitions :-

 Personal Exhibitions:

 "Faces" , "Egyptian" , "Egyptian scenes" , " "old dispensable objects or (Karakib)", "Slums" , "Carriages", " chariots", "Sketches " , " Engraved figures." , "Friday" and " From Here or (Men Hona)" “ Shagan” , “Malameh Moba’sara” in Public and Private halls from 1993 to 2019.


- Dual , triple and collective exhibitions till 2016 as the most important one was " The Egyptian Academic Exhibition" in Roma in 2000 and the Public Exhibition ,in addition to " Youth Salon Exhibition" in different places. Moreover, " The teaching staff Exhibitions"," Cairo International Print Trienniale” and " El-Lakta Al-Wahda" artists and "T- Shirts or Kamis".


 Animation Field:

- Graduation Film: " Good mood Café" in 1991, Cine Film: "Stamp" in 1993, Directed -four works " Loli-Pop" , "Neyam Neyam / Sleeping Sleeping" , " Fan" and Happy dreams".

-He has participated "Cairo Cartoon studio" (1991/1992), and "Zamzam Media Studio"  in 1995.

- he has With the Production of Nile Thematic Channels Sector in 1999.

12th Luxor International Painting Symposium