Shabaan Elhousiny


Graduated From: The Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic, Department in 1995. A Member of the fine Artists Association, Member of The Cairo Atelier, he Participated in Numerous exhibitions from 1996 until now , including: Youth Salon VIII, Youth Salon IX 1997 .Youth Salon Drilling Cairo Atelier 2013, and international upper egypt salon luxor 2016 , Master piece exhibition in Zamalek art gallery, upper egypt salon luxor 2017 , Art corner exhibition 2017 , revisit exhibition in ubuntu art gallery 2018 , Cairo salon 58 in 2018 ,  exhibition  Time Difference in elbab Salem 2018 . Porto Cairo the international exhibition by Egyptian artists and Portuguese in mahmoud mukhtar museum .exhibition dream in zamalekart gallery 2019 .his holding have some individuals in Egypt, and he has collected his art work in the Cultural Development Fund and Plastic Arts Sector , ubuntu art gallery, his Experiences Working in the Field of Animation and work in the field on interior design

12th Luxor International Painting Symposium