Sameer M. Al-Daham

Saudi Arabia
1374H-1955 , Riyadh.

A member of the Saudi Arab artists for culture and art since 1395H.

A founder member of Riyadh Fine Art Group Est. 1421H.

A member of communication and information at the university of king Saud.

Diploma of the secondary Teachers Institute 1971.

Achieved many specialized courses in painting and educational means ( 1970-1972 ).

Worked as a teacher for a duration of 7 years ( Technical material ) at the primary school.

 Technical supervision of the summer centers 4 years subsequently.

Technical supervisor at the educational means department at the education management in Riyadh for the duration of 3 years 1975.

A manager of the educational means at the high secondary schools.

Was a head of many committees that work in the culture and art society ( fine art and secretary for the consulting committee).

Participations and experiences:


Visited many  art and adherent museums worldwide such as , Cairo museums, France, ( louver ) , Spain ( Madrid ) , Italy , Britain and some of the far east countries- also morocco countries. He made some analysts and studies published at Saudi press.

Preparing to introduce a series of art books about the important events and characters which he met during his press work.

Participated in introducing some art works in many governmental entities such as the ministry of finance, ministry of industry , ministry of education , Saudi Arab currency est. , at the royal hall at king Khaled international airport, in Riyadh ( carpet portrait 7m x 2m )., institute of general management , armed forces hospital in Riyadh, national guard  ( inherint HRH gathering ) faculty of command and leadership , some important governmental administrations and palaces of some princes.

Has some art works at the national museum in Riyadh and the general presidency of youth care and the culture and art society and some embassies of the kingdom.

Had participated in preparing the cultural programs on the radio and television.

Gained appreciation certificates and medals and plates And approached levels at the field of journalism and art, he was honored as a pioneer of  art journalism ( 1987 ).

Re-activated "Talents drawing" at the society of culture which many talents youth have graduated from it.

Ruled many competitions of fine art with the ruling committees in the kingdom and Kuwait ( Hala February ).


Administrative works:

Office manager for the president of the board of directors at the culture and art society.

Information affairs secretary of the society.

Supervisor of exhibitions and international participations at the society and ……… exhibition.

Editor of alfonoon magazine at the society.

Supervisor of editing the fine art magazine.

Secretary of the board of director for the society of culture and art.

Information C.V:


Journalist- Aljazeera newspaper 1971.

General supervisor and chief of  art editing at the same newspaper. He participated in its development 1976.

Head of the publishing and information committee at the society of culture and art 1978.

Promotion and Advertising manager and head of …….. Saudi 1995.

Editorial manager of Alhanim international magazine 1995.

Volunteer editor for Alsharq Alawsat newspaper 1995.

Editorial chief of Almusafir international magazine 1996.

Supervisor of editorial department of locals and investigations at Ukaz newspaper-Riyadh office 1994.

Editorial Journalist at the ……… and culture of Aljanadriah 1995.

General supervisor of the daily annex of  Aseer news at Almasaeyah 1997.

Editorial Consultant for Almasaeyah newspaper 1997.

Prepared cultural programs on Riyadh radio 1978 .

Secretary of the annual anniversary committee at the general presidency of youth care 1998.

Editorial of Alfonoon magazine at the Saudi Arab culture and art society 1999.

Consultant of Aljeel Magazine ( Aljadeed ) of the general presidency of youth care 1999.

Prepared thought , cultural and ……….programs on Saudi T.V. 2003.

Participated in special studies for many Saudi famous magazines such as- Fawasel, Broze and Shedo


Participated in the most exhibitions of the general presidency of youth care and the Saudi Arab Society of Culture and Art such as:

The sixth exhibition of the Arab ……… in Kuwait 1978.

Saudi exhibition , bone in west Germany 1981.

First , second and seventh hertiage festival of Aljanadirah in Riyadh 1975-1986.

The accompanied exhibitions of the cultural Saudi weeks in morocco 1977-2003.

Algeria 1984, Gulf exhibition in Paris 1981 and Gulf exhibition in Tokyo 1985.

Arab youth festival in Baghdad.

Exhibitions of the kingdom between the past and present in west Germany 1985, Riyadh 1986, Paris 1986  and Cairo 1978.

Vancouver transport exhibition in Canada "Expo 86" 1986.

Represented the kingdom in many in many cultural and technical conferences and festival worldwide.

The second exhibition with the artist Mohamed Musa Alsulaim ( ………).

The second exhibition with the artist Ali Abdulaziz Alraziza 1402H-1982.

Bilateral Exhibition with the artists:

Ali Alraziza, Saad Almisary, Othman Alkhuzaim, Mohamed Alrusaies at the institute of the general management in Riyadh ( Central region Exhibition ).

Saudi cultural meeting in Abu Dhabi ( 2001 ).

The exhibition of selection of the Saudi fine art in Cairo 1999, Madrid 2000, London 2000, Austria 2001, Tayieh 2000 , Bahrain 2001, Riyadh 2001, Tunis 2002 and Masqat 2004.

Alrabie competition exhibition for Saudi art houses in Riyadh where he achieved the 3rd class.

The annual group exhibition of fine art for the artists of the central region at the Saudi Arab oil company  Ltd. ( Alkhafgi 1994 ).

The first Saudi fine art group exhibition at Al-Rashid Complex ( Al-Khobar ).

The accompanied exhibition for the festival of Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman ( 2000 ).

The accompanied fine art exhibition for the caravan of the enlightenment of drugs damages 1411H.

The accompanied exhibition of the Saudi culture days in Syria ( 2003 ).

Current Saudi Artists exhibition at the Arab world Institute – Paris 2002.

The first and second exhibition of the Riyadh fine art group ( Riyadh _ Jeddah ).

Alrabie Exhibition at Aljameyah ( 2004).


11th Luxor International Painting Symposium