Leïla Shili Tunisian


Professor of the Higher Education, at the Higher University of Fine-Arts in TUNISIA, and Professional Artist Painter

Doctoral degree in Sciences and Techniques of Arts         Higher University of Fine-arts in Tunisia June 2017

Master’s degree in sciences and techniques of arts         Higher University of Fine-arts in Tunisia


Bachelor degree of fine arts, spéciality Painting Higher University of Fine-arts in Tunisia June 2005

Ministry of Culture, TUNISIA.

 • Beijing Ministry of Culture, CHINA.

• Foundation of the Home of TUNISIA in Paris, FRANCE.

 • ECUME (Cultural Exchange in the Mediterranean), FRANCE.

• HINDEYAH Art Museum, Amman, JORDAN.

 • Jean Paul LAPOINTE International Association of Painting Symposium in Saguenay, CANADA.

 • Banks in TUNISIA : ATB (Arab Tunisian Bank), ATTIJARI and BH (Housing Bank.)

 • Insurance of the Tunisian Mutual Agricultural Insurance, CTAMA, TUNISIA.

• Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts, UTICA, TUNISIA.

• SERVICED, Advertising Agency in TUNISIA.

  • And individuals at home and abroad.

2018 :   

(June): Solo Exhibition "Colors of Fragrance", at Picasso-Art Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo, EGYPT, from 24 to 10 july.                

(April): Exhibition of "Small Formats 3", at Saladin Gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, TUNISIA, from 22 to 03 may.

(April) : Exhibition of UAPT (Union of Tunisian Artists) in Palace Kheireddine, Tunis. (Work acquired by Tunisian state)

(March) : Participation at the 2nd Arab Meeting of Arts in Katara, Doha, QATAR, from 05 to 13. 

2017 :   

(November) : Participation at the Exhibition « FIG Bilbao » in Palace Euskalduna, in BILABO SPAIN, from 16 to 19.

(November) : Participation at the group Exhibition «Fragments of Contemporary Tunisian Paintings», in  MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, ITALY, from 10 to 18.

(November) : Participation at the Tunisian and Jordanian Workshop-Exhibition, in Jalaad Cultural Center, in Amman, JORDAN, 1st Edition, from 06 to 13.

(July) : Participation at the 4th Mediterranean Biennale of contemporary Art in ORAN, ALGERIA.


*2nd PRICE : Competition  of Painting, 10th Edition of the ATB (Arab Tunisian Bank) challenge, Art and Culture, in Tunis, TUNISIA, april 2015.

*2nd PRICE : Competition  of Painting, 1st Edition of CTAM’ART, November 2013.

*1st PRICE : Competition  of Painting, 7th Edition of the ATB (Arab Tunisian Bank) challenge, Art and Culture, in Tunis, TUNISIA, march 2013.

*2nd PRICE : Competition  of Painting, 6th Edition of the ATB (Arab Tunisian Bank) challenge, Art and Culture, in Tunis, TUNISIA, April 2012.

*2nd PRICE : Competition of Painting “Art to come” to the Essaada Space, Marsa, TUNISIA, June 2008.

*1st PRICE : Competition of Painting  “the ENVIRONMENT”, in Tunis, TUNISIA, June 2006.

*Special PRICE of the National competition of Drawing (Bank of the Habitat) in Tunis, November 2005.

*1st PRICE : Major of Promotion (2rd & 3rd year in Visual arts) at the higher-Institute of fine arts of Tunis, TUNISIA, academic year 2002/2003 & 2003/2004.

11th Luxor International Painting Symposium