Emad Abou Zeid


2001. PHD. Criticism and art appreciation in the faculty of art education

2009. Scientific mission post-doctoral Visiting Professor at the Florida Stat University.

2012. : professor – Department of Criticism & Art Appreciation

A Member of Fin Arts Syndicate of Egypt.


Private exhibition (1996. Cairo Atelier. (Human with News) Installation).(1997. Duende Rotterdam).1999. Gezira art Center Cairo. ("Marginal" Out of the Memory) installation Hall Kamal Khalifa.1999. Gallery Felipa Helsinki Finland.2001. Cairo Atelier Installation entitled (children). 2002. Gezira art Center Cairo. Mixed media (Cairographic).2003. Gezira art Center Cairo video Installation   (no or bad signal).2004 Cairo Atelier video Installation (between live and death). 2006. Gezira art Center Cairo (pages from the Book of the Desert). 2007. Cairo Atelier, (Egyptian Papers).2008. Ebdaa art Gallery ((pages from History).2009. Florida State University International Center Art Gallery ("Palimpsest "inspired by Egyptian folklore ).2009. LeMoyne 9th annual Chain of Parks Art Festival.Florida State.2010- "Inscriptions on the walls of Egyptian" Al kahila Art Gallery . Cairo.2010 Meridian Dahab (Dahab ×Dahab).2013 Kheila Gallery for Arts Cairo (Memories).2017 Kheila Gallery For Arts Cairo (Secrets).

Exhibition group (Salon of youth Cairo.  1992- 1999.).(The Egyptian National Exhibition of Egypt artists.).  Exhibition "Cairo Salon" Association of Fine Arts Lovers(1995. The Egyptian National Exhibition of surrealistic artists with Salvador Daily Exhibition.) (1997. 3rd Biennial of Sharjah International) (1999.18 Visions From Nineties Generation- Gezira art Center Cairo.)(1999. Cable Factory, Helsinki Finland.) (2003. Egyptian art exhibition Uzbekistan) )(2005. Imagining the book international biennale. Art Center   Bibliotheca Alexandria.) (2004-2005 through Light, Cairo.)(2005.  Korea-Egypt Modern Art Exchange Exhibition Art &Soul (2006. Imagining the book .The American University in Cairo, Falaki Gallery.) (2008. What is happening now, Cairo.)(2010. Why not. Cairo)(2010 .Festival of Fine Arts in Muscat - Sultanate of Oman) (2010 0- 2016 Annual exhibition of Omani Society for Fine Arts) (2018 exhibition at the German University in Cairo)


(1994. The prize of jury in the sixth Salon of youth. "Installation art") (1996. The First Prize in the Eighth salon of youth. 'Installation art") (1996. The gold prize of International Association of art Rotterdam. 'As a fellowship")(1997. The gold prize of the 3rd Biennial of Sharjah International"Installation art") (1998. The prize of jury in international Biennial for ceramics Egyptian) (1998. Fellowship from (UNESCO- ASCHBERG) Helsinki International Artist Programmer HIAP) (1998. The first prize in the tenth Salon of youth. "Installation art") (2011. The annual award honors the offer of the Omani Society for Fine Arts) (2013. First Level Award in Exhibition saloon "small pieces", the Sultanate of Oman Muscat)

11th Luxor International Painting Symposium