Anastasiya Bernie


Graduated from the National  Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture(Kiev)          

Member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine                                                                                                                                                              


2001-The Ukraine an artists view(USA,Washington)

2002-«Picturesque Ukraine» (Donetsk,Ukraine)     

2003-Mobile exhibitions in the United States    

2003-International plein-air «Кoktebel-2003»                                                                                    

2003-Exhibition –«by Day of youth» (Kiev)                                                                                                                 

 2003-Exhibition –«Wine-Grape Wine»(Kiev)                                            

2004-Exhibition Picturesque Ukraine(Seastopol,Crimea)                                          

2004-2005-Chef-artist on interior decoration of the hotel HYATT Regency (Kiev,Ukraine)                             

2006-Exhibition «Picturesque Ukraine»(Odessa)                                               

2007-Charity auction «Gallery 100masks»(Kiev)                                                                   

2008-Exhibition «Characters”together with sculptor N.Znoba                                                                             

2009-Personal exhibition of theater “Suzirya»_(Кiev)                                   

2009-Exibition of portrets –in the Gallery “KOLO”(Kiev)                                                                      

2012-Exhibition” YIN”-(Contemporary Art Centre M-17)-Kiev                                                                  

2012-Exhibition and art open-air –museum of home icon  Radomysl                                                                                                                                                                         

2012-Exhibition dedicated to the Anniversary of the Center Contemporary Art M-17                                         

2012- Festival of the transavangard art «ARTOSFERA»                                                                           

2013 Exhibition”Cristmas»-(museum I.Kavaleridze.Kiev)                                                         

2013-Personal exhibition at the center education and culture “Master Class”(Kiev)                                          

2013-Exhibition “IN”-(Contemporary Art Center M-17            

2013 Exhibition “MAGMA-ukranian contemporary art» (National Museum Kyivska Fortess)                            

2014-Exhibition “CRISTMAS”(Center of contemporary art M-17                                                      

2014-Exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko (Museum of the History of Kiev)     

2014 Personal exhibition “PORTRAITS” (museum I.Kavaleridze)                                                                              

2015-Exhibition of portrait im.Yakobsena (museum of modern art “ERARTA”(St.Petersburg ,Russia  )   

2016 -  1 PRIZE in the International Exhibition-Competition «Ukrainian Art Week»,nomination «Portrait»                                                             

Paintings are in private collections USA,France,Belgium,Switzerland,Japan,Germany,Ukraine,China           

11th Luxor International Painting Symposium