Maria Sideri



  • 1989-1991 Diploma in graphic arts in "Petra" college
  • 2014-          European culture studies in the open university of Athens

Foreign language: English

Work experience:

  • 1992-1993 Trainer in the hagiography department of the Municipality of Salamina (NELE)
  • 1993-          Professional painter and hagiographer
  • 1997-          Private lessons of painting and hagiography
  • 2015-          Hagiography lessons at the workshop of Saint Andreas (Salamina)


  • Illustration of the book "The Economics of the Struggle (1821-1824) written by Margarita Dimitriadou (Papazisis Publications)
  • Illustration of the book "Giorgos Krimizakis, the poet of the melody" written by Panos Kaloudas (Arnaoutis publications)
  • Illustration of the book "Holy Monastery of Phaneromeni  Salamina - Historical Route" by the writer Margarita Dimitriadou
  • Illustration of the Calendar of the Church of Greece (2010)
  • Illustration of the story "Chrysanthenias'  fairy tales", by the author Kyparissia Boutsis (Ianthos publications)
  • Illustration of the fairytale "Boulis the hippopotamus and his favorite cherry", by the author Kyparissia Boutsis (Ianthos publications)
  • Cover of the magazine '' SALAMINA 4 escape '' with the 'Eros' (issue 5 December 2011)
  • Illustration in ''The Book of the Poor'', author D. Koubatis, collection of the publishing house Gallimard (2010)
  • Cover of '' EXPRESSION '' magazine with the portrait of Albert Schweitzer (February-March 2009)

Professional Activities:

  • Painting: Her wall paintings and paintings decorate many private and public spaces (1st elementary school of Salamina, 4th Salamis' kindergarten, "Egli" café (Salamis), "Shadows" club, Liogerma dining venue, "Vegera" café, ''Gioraldi'' traditional guesthouse in Zagorochoria, Greece, "Le Pharaon" (super yacht) etc.
  • Hagiographies: She has painted four private churches  and has worked in four Holy Churches (Saint Timothy and St. Mavras [Salamina], Holy Church of the Theotokos [Salamina], Saint John [Salamina], Saint George [Salamina] ). A number of portable icons are located many Holy Churches around  Greece.


Member of the Association for the UNESCO Arts, Speech and Sciences of Greece, Secretary of the Pan-Hellenic Hagiography Association (PASYA), Member of the Hellenic Herald and Genealogy Society (KEN), Member of the Hellenic Herald and Genealogy Society. Member of the Rotary Club of Athens-Lycabettus. Member of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts "Leontas" and "Estia of New Smyrna".

Other hobbies:

Studying various types of books, from which she gains her knowledge, as well as draws inspiration for her artworks

Working out by attending the gym or by practicing Historical European Martial Arts and medieval fencing

Thoughts of the artist:  I always thought that God delivered fine arts to humans in order to introduce Himself to us. Painting is the bridge that unites the human spirit with Him. Each time inspiration is presented, light shines on these bridges, and the painter can walk through them and see the supernatural of the other side. He creates.



Individual Exhibitions:

  • Individual exhibition at Estia of New  Smyrna  entitled "Myths of the World" in honor of the spouses of the ambassadors (LAASE) (2016)
  • Individual exhibition of hagiography at the Zappeion Megaron in honor of Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov in the framework of the 4th Greek-Russian Forum under the auspices of the Center for European Studies & Studies "Ioannis Kapodistrias" (2016)
  • Individual exhibition titled "Aggelophanies" (translated "Angel Sightings")  in the Cretan Home of Athens (2009)
  • Individual exhibition at the Grand Bretagne Hotel  with the collection "The Revelation of John" (2007)
  • Individual exhibition in Patmos island (Old School of the Country) with the collection "The Revelation of John" (2007)

Group Exhibitions:  She has participated in more than sixty collective exhibitions of hagiography and painting, at the events of the artistic clubs "APELLIS", "UNESCO" and the annual exhibitions of hagiography of the professional body in Greece. 'PASYA' '(Pan-Hellenic Association of Hagiographers). In recent years she has participated in the professional exhibitions '' Orthodoxy '' which portray all ecclesiastical equipment.


Scientific conferences-workshops:

  • Participation in the International Conference organized by the TEI of the Ionian Islands, "Second International Meeting on Ecclesiastical Art", where the icon titled "The Beatitudes" was presented. (2016)
  • Participation in the scientific conference organized by the Institute of Greek-Oriental and African Studies, the Municipality of Kifissia and the Cultural and Sporting Law of Kifissia "D.VIKELAS", with the painting "Averroes" (2017)
  • Presentation and analysis of the image "The Beatitudes" at Rotary Club Athens-Lycabettus (2017)
  • At the suggestion of the Japanese Ambassador, she  drew the portrait of "Lafcadio Hearn", which was presented at  "Estia of New Smyrna" at a workshop in honor of him (2016)


  • Participation in the exhibition "The Resurrection of Jesus" at the Byzantine Museum of Athens. The exhibition was organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy and was the result of an international competition where 60 artists from around the world were selected (2018)
  • Pan-Hellenic award of the "Parnassos" Philological Association for the painting "The Holy Sepulcher" ("Panagios Taphos" in Greek) (2017)
  • Portrait of President Abdul Fatah Said Hussein Halil al-Sisi, which is located in Egypt's presidential palace (2015)
  • Painting entitled "Monday Prayer", is located at the Patriarchate of Constantinople (Istanbul) (2015)
  • First place award by the Artists' Association "APELLIS" for the project "Seven On Thebes" ("Epta epi Thivas") (2012)
  • Awarded a Diploma from the "International Philobyzantine Society" for the collection of "The Revelation of John" (2007)
11th Luxor International Painting Symposium