Rita Maselli


In Italy From her birth town of Pietracatella, Italy, Rita carries in her heart vivid childhood memories of play among red poppies, colorful ribbons from gypsy carts, and scenes of olive groves and vineyards.

In Canada Her family moved to Montreal, Canada when she was seven. “Commissioned” to paint the vestibule of their newly built family home, she created a seascape of blues and greens. The two by three meter painting made her feel like a “real” artist even at the age of fourteen. Her love for art fused comfortably with her passion for literature and writing during her time at McGill University.

In Haiti Moving to Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the age of twenty-three, she embarked on the greatest adventure of her life. A self-taught artist, she found lots of artistic stimulation during her many years in Haiti, a country of countless “natural” artists, vibrant colors and market scenes.

In USA  From 2001 to 2003, while working on her PHD in Management in Miami, Florida, she spent her free time, visiting art museums, attending art shows, sketching and working on creative non-fiction.

In Egypt In 2002, she moved to Cairo, Egypt to pursue her management career as a management consultant and trainer, she has flourished both in terms of her pictorial and literary arts. In 2016, she just finished writing her first novel, At the same time, she continues to paint.


10th Luxor International Painting Symposium