Jurga Augustaitytė


She Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1991-1996. After graduation worked in civil service.

Drawing and painting are always close to me. Work of art - it is something between an object and the living creature. A painted image, an expressed thought, a conveyed feeling present in the picture - is a thing with life and the only one and most unusual.

Personal exhibitions in Lithuania:

2001 "Painting" at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius.

2010 "Survival and Vision" painting exhibition in the art gallery "Darijas jewelry", Vilnius.

2011 "Christmas painting exhibition" in the gallery "Galerija M", Molétai;

 2016 Exhibition of paintings in the gallery " Aidas", Vilnius.

I take part in the painting workshops and group exhibitions.

10th Luxor International Painting Symposium