Anita Monoscalco


Born in Rome.

She attended the Rome Accademy of Fine Arts where learned drawing techniques and sculptural design. In 1998 she moved to work at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts and received her bachelor's degree with thesis in art history. Since then has been creating sculptures, paintings and graphic illustrations for newspapers, participates in many exhibitions and her works are part of private and public collections. Lives and works in Velletri and since 2005 is part of the artists recorded at ENAP (National protected authors ).

Her paintings tell about the dualism between the outer world and the inner world through the female faces as symbolic masks. "All that is profound loves the mask" wrote Friedrich Nietzsche, and mask  is not a cover nor a transformation only exterior but becomes the means to make visible the invisible. Works are inspired by the female figure in fairy tales and myths reinvented in a modern and sometimes ironic key. The symbolism hidden in these folk tales becomes the means to represent the inner and emotional world. In fairy tales there isn't half-measure, everything is outlined, clearly. The simplicity of the narrative serves the child not just to develop his imagination but to leave a moral teaching where the good guys always win "and they all lived happily ever after." The duality between "good and evil" is the key of my paintings, represented not just through the subjects chosen for their archetypal symbolism but also through the colors that melt and blend together creating a liquid, indefinite and incorporeal atmosphere, suspended in time and space. The fable is an opportunity to doubt certainties and highlight the complexity of the human soul. Faces reveals an inner world of "lights and shadows", "fears and desires", as masks which hide instead of make visible the invisible.

10th Luxor International Painting Symposium