Serwan Baran


Graduated from Babel University in fine arts.

A member of AIAP.

A member of Iraqi Fine Art Association.


Modern Iraqi Art Exhibitions 91/ 92 93/ 94/ 95    .

Participated Exhibition 10X10 Orfali Gallery Amman 2008 -2009

Kuwait Pinali 2011.

Morocco Pinali 2012.

Solo Exhibition Baghdad 91.

Solo Exhibition in Dar alanda Amman 2000.

Solo Exhibition Dominican Republic 2003.

Modern Iraqi Art Exhibition Syria.

Solo Exhibition Orfali Amman 2006.

Solo Exhibition Tche Wa Gallery Tokyo 2007.

Solo Exhibition Art House Gallery Syria 2010.

Solo Exhibition Saradam Gallery sulaymania Iraq 2011.

Solo Exhibition Gallery Dahok 2011.

Solo Exhibition / Orfali -Whispers 2012.

Solo Exhibition / Morocco – Matisse / Elected 2013.

Solo Exhibition/ Nabad - On The Edge 2013.


Second Prize, Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition, 1994.

Golden Prize, Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition, 1995.

Honorary Medal, Cairo 7th Biennial, 2002.

Discretionary award of Baghdad Pinal 2002.


10th Luxor International Painting Symposium