Fatma Abdel Rahman


Bachelor  of the Faculty of Fine.

Local Exhibitions:

The 5th Port Said National Biennale, 2001.

The Premier Black and White Drawing Salon, Gezira Art Center, 2004.

Group exhibition at Khan al-Maghraby art gallery, 2005.

The 3rd National Graphic Exhibition, Cairo 2005.

Salon Stars exhibition, Ofok Gallery, Cairo, 2007.

(Black and White) exhibition, El-Gezira 2010.

International Exhibitions:

Exhibition of art and music, Pesaro, Italy 2013.

Carnival of contemporary visual arts, Egyptian Academy in Rome, Italy 2014.

Private Exhibitions:

Exhibition at Al-Hussein Fawzi Gallery, Gezira Art Center, Cairo 2003, 2009.

Exhibition the gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts 2011, 2012.


First prize in drawing by the 8th, 11th

Youth Salon 1997, 1999.

First prize in drawing by Supreme Council for Youth and Sports1997.

International Acquisition Award, Chameliere International Triennale, France, 1997.

10th Luxor International Painting Symposium