Hanafy Mahmoud


BA 1993 - MA in painting at Faculty of Art Education, 2002.Ekhnaton  art gallery, Kareem Francis art gallery, 2002. Rateb Sedeek art gallery, Cairo Atelier, 2004. Ekhnaton (4A, 4B, 6) art galleries, Zamalek Arts Center, 2005.  ( Kamal Khaliefa) gallery - Gezira Arts Center ,  2007. The 7th Youth Salon, Cairo, 1995. 1997.1998.1999.2000.2001.2003 -2004 The Second Salon of Mini Works of Art, 1998. The Fourth Salon of Mini Works of Art, 2000. (the Egyptian Modern Art) Group show at Lapdoga art gallery , Zamalek , 2003. The 28th National Art Exhibition, 2003.2005 Exhibition ` Today Stars` - Horizone One Gallery November 2006 - 1st Festival of Fine Creation (General exhibition and 1st Fine Art Fair 2007) - 2nd Festival of Fine Creation (31st General exhibition) 2008 Garash International Festival, Jordan, 2000. Frankfort International Book Faire, 2004. - The Egyptian Fine art Forum in Venice, August 2008 -11th International Cairo Biennale , December 2008 -Salon prize for painting, the 9th Youth Salon, 1997. Encouraging prize of Gazebya Serry Contest, Cairo, 1993. Jury prize of the 12th Youth Salon, Cairo, 2000. Salon prize and Oscar (Gold Pyramid) plus merit certificate (shared with artist Hayam Abdel-Baqy), the 16th Youth Salon, 2004.


10th Luxor International Painting Symposium