Regina Carmona


Regina Carmona works with sensory installations recreating an ephemeral and constant dialogue with nature, with the being and destiny.

A wide range of languages concerned to identity and memory, the body and the inner abode, sacred place which demands love, feeding and respect.

The artist stands in the contemporary scenario in the 90´s through selection of Museum of Contemporary Art of University of Sao Paulo and  ABCA art critics association.

Multidisciplinary artist, in disseminating artistic activist, has conducted art projects, research and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Lives and works in Sao Paulo. 

Art graduate (1994) and Master's in Visual Poetics (2005) from ECA - School of Communication and Art of the University of Sao Paulo.

Works in private and public collections as museums and featured at the art book A Novissima Arte Contemporanea- Geração 90, Katia Canton.

Solo Exhibition: Regina Carmona Anima Mundi, Gravura Brasileira gallery Sao Paulo and Art Junction New Delhi, India; Inscritos, Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo; Faces, Capela do Morumbi Sao Paulo; Vulgo, Consolação gallery São Paulo; Peace Please, Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo; Olhar Paraná, itinerancy SESC Parana; A Casa da Mantide Religiosa, Ruins of St.Francis Curitiba, Brasil; Born in Purple, Cristal Garden Gallery of Palace Porto, Portugal; Open Day Sanskriti gallery, India; Still Life, Cultural Center of  Embassy of Brazil, New Delhi, India.

9th Luxor International Painting Symposium