Juliya Zhukova


- I am a member of Russian Creative Social Union of Artists, the group of painting (the oldest and strongest union of professional artists in Russia, which cultural traditions and historical roots are very deep and its history is connected with the brightest names and significant cultural events of all nations of Russia and the whole world). 

- I am a member of Moscow Union of Artists (The Painters' Association) 

- I was born in 1980 in Zheleznodorozhniy, Moscow Region 

I live and work in Moscow and Electrostal - Moscow Region 

- 2001 - graduate of Moscow School of decorative handcraft (now: The High School of National Art), Profession - Ornamental Art. 

- 2006 - graduate of Moscow State Open Pedagogical Sholokhov University, Art and Graphic Faculty, Profession - Visual Arts 

- I am regularly taking part in different art projects, plein air, art colonies and exhibitions.

Many paintings are the part of private collections in Russia, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Germany, South Korea, Portugal, Canada, France, United Arab Emirates, Australia, UK, Brunei.

9th Luxor International Painting Symposium