Khalid ElBekay


Born in Casablanca in 1966, Khalid El Bekay lives and works between Barcelona and Casablanca. He’s got two studios, the first, since1997 at the Center of Contemporary Art of Piramidon at Barcelona and the second at Casablanca since 2010.

After a training course of printmaking at the French Cultural Center of Tetouan , El Bekay chose to study at the Superior fine art Institut of Tetouan where he obtained a degree in 1990. He moved to Spain to prepare a licence in Fine Art, printmaking that he obtained in 1995.

Main shows since 2001 

Individual shows

2016  Espaces Rivages, Rabat Morocco

          MH Art Gallery, Bilbao, Spain.

2015 Espiral Gallery of Contemporary Art, Noja, Spain. 

Daniels Gallery, Wilmington North Carolina, US.

Agora Gallery, Marrakech

2014  Albaicín palace, Santander, Spain

2012   Delacroix Gallery, Tanger.

2011   Torre Vella Museum, Tarragone, Spain.

           Antoni Pinyol Gallery, Barcelonne, Spain.

2010   Bab Rouah Gallery , Rabat,

           Estampe-art Gallery, Casablanca.

2009   Atelier 21 Gallery, Casablanca.

           Estival Gallery, Genève, Switzerland.

2007   Venise Cadre Gallery, Casablanca. 

9th Luxor International Painting Symposium