Ali Saed


Was born in the north side of river Nile near the historical city Rosetta in Egypt . he began his study at the faculty of fine arts in Alexandria since 1997, then he finished in 2002 in the painting department, in had his master degree 2012 .

He participate in the Egyptian contemporary art movement since 2000 till now. In 2003 he work in the fine arts museum in Alexandria as assistant in Mahmud said museum . and from 2014 he be the director of the fine arts museum in Alexandria the oldest museum in the city for the Egyptian modern arts .

Aly shear in many art events in Egypt and abroad and he still work until now .


The international exhibitions :


• Exhibition of contemporary Egyptian art , Rome 2004.

• Traveling exhibition all over Italy 2004.

• International salon of youth Alexandria 2006,2007,2009

• Biennale Bjcem euro-Mediterranean , Bari , Italy , 2008.

• Tournaments of agenda international Exhibition in Alexandria bibliotheca .

8th Luxor International Painting Symposium