Salah El Meligy


1980, Bachelor degree in Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo - Graphic Department, excellent evaluation.

1988, MA in Fine Arts “portrait” in Graphic.

1993, ph.D in the mythical view in the works of graphic artists.

1999, assistant professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

2004, professor in Graphic Department, the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Contriputed in founding the Graphic Center in Arts Assembly in 15 th of May City  1995-1996 .

Founded and worked as the first Head of Graphic Department in Zaytona University, Jordan 2002- 2004 .

A member in the committee of acquisitions classification of Egypt museums .

A member in the Syndicate of Fine Artists in Cairo - Supervised on several of scientific studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts - Helwan University - the Head of the Central Administration of Techniqual Support for Museums and Exhibitions - Fine Arts Sector Ministry of Culture.

Acquisitians :

The Museum of Modern Egyptian Art - The Egyptian Opera House in Cairo  - The International Conferences House, Cairo .

The Egyptian Graphic Museum - under constructian  - Al Motamed Ibn Abad AL saifia University in Morocco Helwan University Cairo .

Buttersberg - Germany - Canda - Brazil - Norway - Morocco - Spain - New York - France - Saudi Arabia - Cairo -Alexandria - Jordan .

8th Luxor International Painting Symposium