Qing Wang


1979 Born in Tangshan, Hebei Province.

Graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2003 and stayed on to teach.

In 2003 won the "Marley Art Scholarship". Prize:

2008 Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts master's degree      2012 Visit to France Paris international art city resident.


Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts teachers to go to Hong Kong Exhibition  Hong Kong  2004.

Beijing China International Gallery Exposition    Beijing  2005.

Dragonair cutting-edge Chinese Painting Exhibition (Merit Award)  Shanghai Art Scene Gallery  2006.

Beijing Art Scene Gallery Opening Exhibition   Beijing  2007.

2009 First Contemporary Chinese Youth Art Exhibition Shanghai Bund Museum of Art     2009.

The third session of the five four International Youth Arts Festival  Beijing  2010.

“Carousel" 2011 Third China New Painting Prize   Beijing times art museum  2011.

Art and society- Chinese contemporary art document Exhibition   Shenzhen circle Art Center 2013.

The Museum of fine arts, Shaanxi  2014.

"Chinese art industry expo"  Beijing shangshang International Art Museum  2014.

"The pursuit of excellence: from Chinese School of artists - the first Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition  Shanghai oil painting & Sculpture Institute Museum  2014.


"The first Shaanxi province fine arts award" "The airline" new Chinese painting flying Awards 2006.

"The first Shaanxi province fine arts award"   2010.

"Merry go round" 2011 Third China New Painting Prize  2011.

"Big Tang," "Chinese New Art Award 2013.

China Art Expo most promising artist award  2014.

7th Luxor International Painting Symposium