Mostafa Batt

Born in October 1943

B.A.  Art and education 1966.

Member of Plastic Syndicate.

Member of education Job Syndicate.

Member of Asala association.

Biennale at Ikhnaton gallery 1968 -1970.

Alexandria biennale 1970.

Art Journey to Italy 1977.

International youth biennale in Ebitha .Spain.


Exhibition at the Russian cultural center .Cairo 1976. Alexandria 1977.

‏ Exhibition at the Spanish cultural center1979.

Exhibition Ikhnaton gallery 1981.with Dr .Mostafa Abdel Wahab Abdel Mohsen & Mostafa Mashaal 1990.

 Exhibition of Cairo atelier 1997.

Roaming exhibitions culture palaces 1970-2003.

Collective Exhibition:

Pioneer – inspiration of history – Cairo Salon– Gamal Abdel Nasser exhibition. One piece – General exhibition. - Small pieces exhibition.

Designed memorial collection in Menoufeya and Tanta Squares.

Articles and drawings in Amman newspaper and Family magazine in Amman.

Articles and drawings in Libyan T.V 1971-1972.

Articles and drawings in Amal magazine in Lybia and Palaces, Denchway museum .

Designed and executed several theatre decors in Menoufeya.


General Organization of Culture palaces – Qatar Embassy – Swiss Culture attaché Head of Guta Library – Assiut  governorate – Ministry of Culture – art museum.


He was on leave from ministry of culture 1976.

Silver medal from 42 and Cairo Salon.

First Prize of engraving from Culture Palace organization 1976.

First Prize of painting from Culture Palace organization 1989.

Second Prize from the competition of Company in Saudia Arabia.

7th Luxor International Painting Symposium