Abdel Kariem Eissa


 Graduated from college of Fine and Applied Art-Sudan University of Sciences and Technology-Department of Graphic Design.

 Worked as a Designer at Aerographic Printing Press, 1998- 1999.

 Worked as a Designer at in Alnnafiza for Computer Services and Design, 2002- 2003.

 Secretary of Fine Arts Affairs-Sudanese Plastic Artists Union, 2009 -2011.

 Kwait United Company for Advertisement Publishing and Distribution.

Alwasset Advertisement-Technical Section-Waseet-Khartoum, 2003- 2005.

 Attended Training Course in Graphic Design-Egypt-Cairo-November 2012.

 No Worked in Sudan Currency Printing Press – 2006.


Graduation Exhibition-Friendship Hall-Khartoum, Aug 1998.

 Collective exhibitions – Sudanese Embassy Tripoli National Library Hall, 2000.

 First Exhibition for Sudanese Artists Association –Fine and Applied Arts College.

 Exhibition Throught-Alwasset News Letter Issue 4.

 Exhibition Afri Print apackging Expo 3d-Ethiopia-Addis Ababa-2012.

 Collective exhibitions (Woman International Day) French Cultural Center – March 2014.

 Graduation Exhibition – Papa Kosta (my Colour, my nation, Africa)-March2014.

 Exhibition in Rshid Arts Centre – KhartoumApril 2014.

7th Luxor International Painting Symposium