Zakia Zada


Fine Artist - Kingdom of Bahrain .

Masters Degree in "Learning and Visitor Studies in Museums and Galleries" University of Leister – United Kingdom.

Inspired by the beauty and strength of women all over the world, Zakeya  Zada expresses  her sentiments with vivid colors that are derived from tradition , yet she uses  modern form in a mélange of styles.  Her pieces almost always have a woman at the center, sometimes in a classic portrait style and other times in a more modern abstract or surrealistic style inspired by nature. She does not believe that an artist has to stick to one style all the time.

 Although most of her work is in acrylic, she does not shy from experimenting with other mediums and techniques.

She sums her work in the following quotes “Paint my stress away”.

Zakeya participated in many art exhibitions inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, including the International Festival of Fine Arts in 2013, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in 2013. She won the first place in an Art competition in Bahrain.

Zakeya is the founder of “Tolerance through arts “Program in Bahrain Which aims to promote tolerance and peace principals through arts.

7th Luxor International Painting Symposium