Khaled Srour

Born in Egypt 1965.

Working as a Professor in the Faculty of Art Education Helwan University

Member of the Syndicate of Plastic Arts and many art groups and societies in Egypt.

 Participate in the art movement since 1985 and has many private group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad,

Assistant Commissaire Egyptian Pavilion, Biennale of Venice 2007.

Egyptian Commissaire, Vienna 2007.

Has won numerous awards and Scholarships , one of the most important is the art scholarship in the United States of America,

Has Acquisitions in many of the organizations , institutions and a number of Arab and foreign countries.

His works relying on two main sources which are Egyptian daily life and Egyptian folklore, either the ancient Egyptian or Nubian.

His main interest is the life of ordinary Egyptians, and his art works closely related to this life and to the Egyptian street as well, its ( location, Streets, Homes, people, states, Dreams, problems, social situations, interactive relations with public).

In his works both of  the color and the black line plays an important role. Either in his style or to confirm his concepts , ideas , visions and situations which included in each work .

The color in his works comes flat , bright and abstract in the form of colored areas which has a psychological indications and inspirations with illusional prospective dimensions to confirm and clear the value of the idea without confusion , and the spontaneous black outline of  all the elements and shapes considered one of his special techniques.

7th Luxor International Painting Symposium