Feridun Işıman


1972-Graduated from Gazi Faculty of Secondary Education Teachers and Faculty of  Pedagogy  Department of Arts and Hand Crafts ( Turan  Erol  Atelier) in Ankara –Turkey.

1972-1974- He painted portraits at his Art Studio in Küçük Kaymaklı.(Cyprus)(Gallery NOVA)

1974-75 –Lived in Finland and worked  in Graphic Arts, Stage Design and as Artist  he painted many portraits in oils and did drawings;

1975 -1995 he taught Art and Art History at Güzelyurt Kurtuluş Lycee and College.

1987  married to Mathematic LecturerDervişe  Işıman.

Through all these years and after 1995 he continued working as an artist.

For the BRT Radio Television of T.R.N.C. He wrote and introduced his 16 series of educational Art Programme titeled `Colours and Lines` .

From 1971  participated in many mixed exhibitions in USA,Turkey,Holland,Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria, R.Macedonia,Lithuania,France,Japan,UK.and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.He filmed from art museums of Europe and created his own archaive .

His paintings are in all the European Countries as ,Finland Norway, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Austria,Lithuania,Bulgaria,France, Rep.of Macedonia,England,Turkey,Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus,Canada,Cyprus and  in USA.in private collections.He joined to many International Art Symposiums in Turkey, Macedonia,Lithuania ,Bulgaria, UK and USA.

  Through all these years the artist has been working as a professional musician too, sang with his

band and released 4 albums together. Mainly singing ,writing lyrics and  composing songs of his own.He has been singing in International song contests as the representative of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

1987 –`Mediterranean Song Contest` in Antalya-Turkey 

1993 -`The Intenational Song Contest Istanbul 93` (Show)in Istanbul Turkey.

1997-2000-Worked in GAU College as Art and Art History teacher.

2001 He released his first solo CD album of his own lyrics and songs named “Yalan Söylemedim” . 

2005-Released his single CD.`At the border` -` Sınırda`   “I didn’t tell a lie”

2001-2006 –Worked as a Lecturer on Graphic Design and Art History  in GAU University

2005-2010 –Lecturer at Architecture Dept.of Lefke European University.T.R.N.C.

2009-2012-Lecturer of Fine Arts and Graphic Design Facultee of N.E.University.Lefkoşa-  TRNC

2012- Resarches “The Relation of Sculpture and Architecture in Roman Art”    Rome –ITALY.

2013-Research of “Works and Art of Michelangelo-Florence museums” –Florence-İtaly


1983-BASEMENT Gallery-New York-USA.

1983-ROB GalleryAmsterdam- HOLLAND

1989-SATYR - Gabrovo-BULGARIA

1986-1988-1990-1992 –International Asian-EuropeanArt Biennial-Ankara TURKEY

1990-International Erotique Art Exhibition-.Lefkoşa-T.R.N.C.

1990-Artists from North Cyprus -Bruxelles-BELGIUM

1997-Brushstrokes Across Cultures-III.-Lefkoşa-Cyprus

1998 Orient and Oksident-Holzoster - AUSTRIA

1998-Denizli İnternational Art Colony- Denizli-Turkey

1999-Veles International Art Colony-Veles –R. Of .MACEDONIA.

1999-Kicevo International Art Colony-Kicevo-R. Of Macedonia

1999-Meetings- Lefkosa-T.R.N.C.

2000-Mediterranean Tales-Ankara-Turkey

2001-Ohrid-International Art Colony of Kicevo-Mixed exhibition-Ohrid-R  of.Macedonia

2001-Kicevo International Art Colony - Kicevo – R . of Macdeonia

2002-Kicevo International Art Colony-Kicevo-R. of Macedonia

2002-Prilep International Art Colony – R. of Macedonia

2003-VELES, `The Differences Unite`International Art Project,R. of Macedonia

2004-Kicevo,International Art Colony-Rep. of Macedonia

2004-Kriva Palanka –International Art Colony- Rep.of Macedonia

2006-ART AWARE Exhibition  in AKC – HP Galleries.T.R.N.C.

2006-`A Modified Marine Landscape`International Exhibition `Palanga –LITHUANIA

2006- NO BOUNDARIES  INTERNATIONAL Exhibition-Wilmington-North Carolina - USA

2007-Art Keramica International Symposium.SHIPKA 6 Gallery Sofia-BULGARIA

2007-NO BOUNDARIES- Exhibition at the Wilmington University.North Carolina-USA.

2007- ANKART  Art Fair of Ankara- Ankara - TURKEY


2007-STRUMICA Art Exhibition- Strumica International Art Colony- Rep. of Macedonia.


2008-Kicevo International Art Exhibition-Skopje-Kicevo-Rep.of Macedonia

2008-F.ISIMAN-E.SARAC Exhibition-Art Studio 110 Lefkosa- TRNC

2009-OPEN STUDIOS – Lefkosa – TRNC-,

2009-Gallery ARTEST – Mix Exhibition Paris - FRANCE

2009-International Lucian Grigorescu Art Camp Exhibition - Medgidia- ROMANIA.

2009- I. ORANGE BLOSSOM Int.Art Col.Exhibition-Rahmi KOÇ Museum- İstanbul.-Dec.

2009-“ARALIK-“ mix exhibition-Kazım Karabekir Culture Center İstanbul.Türkiye

2009-“Türk Devletlerinde Savaşın Sanata olan Etkisi”-Panel-Exhıb.Gazi Univ.Ankara TURKEY

2010-“Köprü-Kake Hashi” Kadıköy Sanat Galerisi-14-22 -Nisan Beşiktaş İstanbul-Türkiye

2010-II.ORANGE BLOSSOM Fıne Arts Colony Exhibition-Cemal Reşir Rey exhib. Hall Dec.

2010-“KAKE HASHİ”- Mayıs -----JAPAN

2010-ALASHIA- Beyoğlu Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi- İstanbul- TÜRK

2010-F.IŞIMAN-A.MENTEŞ-Exhib.of Art at Meetıng Hall of Cyprus Peace Negotıatıon.NİC.CYP.

2011-Konya Karatay University“Artists Meeting“International Art Exhibition-May-Konya TURKEY


2011-Cernavoda-AXIOPOLIS”International exhibition-Munic. Exhib.Hall CernavodaROMANIA

 2011- III`rd Orange Blossom International Exhibition-Sept.P.Ç.R.Art Gallery Ankara TURKEY

2011-TurkishWorldArt Performance Workshop-5 International artist Gazi Univ of Fine Arts Oct.

2011-“TÜYAP Art Fair” One of the two Representative artist of T.R.N.C..

2011- Mix Exhibition of  Establishing T.R.N.C.-

2011-Dec—2012--Jan- “BOUNDLESS” İnt.Art Exhibition at RH+ Art Gallery İstanbul.TURKEY.

2012- Feb- İnternational Art Exhibition of Yeni Boğaziçi Art Festival- Yeni Boğaziçi T.R.N.C.

2012- GORJFEST İnternational art Festival Mix Exhibition- Tırgu-Jiu-Romanıa.

2012-OSTRAKA İnternational Art Colony exhibition -Cairo- Sarm Al-Sheik-Egypt

2013-BİENNİAL İZMİR- T.R.N.C.Artist group-İzmir-Turkey.

2013-Ostraka –İstanbul Art Festival Exhibition- Tepe Art Gallery –İstanbul-Turkey-

2013-Konya Karatay University İnternational Art Meeting Exhibition-K.K.U.Hall-Konya Turkey

2013-Ölüdeniz İnternational Art Colony exhibition-Municipality exhibition Hall-Fethiye-Turkey

2013-Poçitelj İnternational Art Colony Mix Exhibition-Poçitely-Bosnia-Herzegovina

2013- XX.Kiçevo Art Colony exhibition in Skopje-Rep. of Macedonia,

2013-Lucian GrigorescuArt Camp Exhibition Lucian Grigorescu Culture Center.Medgidia-Romania

2013-Alija İzzetBegoviç Remembrance –İnternational Art Colony –Pocitelj-Bosnia-Herzegovina.

2013-ALASHİA- exhibition- Famagusta—T.R.N.C.

2014-ART STUDİO 110 –Art Gallery-”REALİTY”İnternational Exibition-Nicosia-T.R.N.C.

2014-Şanlı Urfa-Harran University İnternational Art Colony- Exibition-Şanlı Urfa-Turkey

2014-Özyeğin University İnternational Art Days –Exibition-İstanbıl-Turkey

2014-Konya Karatay University İnternational Art Colony Exibition-Konya -Turkey

2014- XXI. Kiçevo İnternational Art Colony-Exibition-Kiçevo-Republic of Macedonia



1982-I.– (Gov..Symphony Orchestra. and Choir. Hall  )  Lefkoşa - T.R.N.C.

1982-II-ROB GalleryAmsterdam-HOLLAND.

1986-III-A.C.C.Hall-(Lefkoşa)- T.R.N.C.

1990-IV-A.C.C.Hall-(Lefkoşa)- T.R.N.C.

1994-V-(IUA) Hall-Girne-T.R.N.C.

1996-VI-(H.P Gallery)-Lefkoşa-T.R.N.C.

1999-VII-( GAU)-Girne –T.R.N.C.

2000-VIII- (A.C.C.)-(Lefkoşa)-T.R.N.C.

2000-IX- (M.A.G.) –(Famagusta)-T.R.N.C.

2003-X-(GAU)-Girne – T.R.N.C

2003 –XI –Culture and Information Center  Skopje -Republic of MACEDONIA.

2005-XII- A.C.C. Hall,Lefkoşa-Differences-T.R.N.C.

2006-XIII – Art Studio 110 –Differences II and New Ones–Lefkosa- T.R.N.C.                                                                        

2006-XIV–`20 Paintings`-(National Gallery)Mala Stanica-Skopje-Rep of MACEDONIA.

2008-XV – Solo Exhibition –European University of LEFKE. T.R.N.C.

2009-XVI- SECMELER-SELECTIONS- Art Studio 110-Lefkosa-TRNC

2009-XVII- REFLECTIONS- Gallery Artést -Paris – FRANCE

2014-XVIII- “LONG WALK”.Antalya Archeology Museum -Turkey





1-  Herr und Frau QUENSELL  Collection. GERMANY.

2-  Mr.Glafkos KLERIDES Collection (Former President of Cyprus) Nicosia -CYPRUS.

3-Prof Dr .WALSH Collection. ENGLAND.

4-Mr-Mrs Kalervo-Pirjo PENTTI  Collection , Ylöjarvi – FINLAND.

5-Monsieur Michael CULAS (Atachee Cultural de France a Chypre) Collection Paris- FRANCE.

6-Herr .K.Heinz EPPLER Collection-Stuttgart –GERMANY

7-Mr Egon KATSKI ,Ambassador of Austria in Turkey- AUSTRIA.

8-Mr.Ljupcho MALENKOV  Collection-Skopje -  Republic of MACEDONIA.

9-Mr.Vladimir TOLESKI Collection –Kicevo-Republic of MACEDONIA.

10-Mr.Kazım ÖNGEN Collection –Güzelyurt- CYPRUS.

11-Mr.Mehmet BIRINCI Collection – Nicosia-.CYPRUS.

12-TURKISH BANK Collection – Nicosia- Kyrenia - CYPRUS.

13-DOME HOTEL Collection – Kyrenia – CYPRUS.

14-T.R.N.C. Ministry of Education and Culture Collection. North CYPRUS.


16-Arrow ROSS  Collection – Wilmington –North Carolina-USA

17-Ilmari SAARELAINEN collection – Tampere FINLAND

18-Mr.Ahmet ŞAHİN Collection Ankara- TURKEY

19-LıonClub of Vardar- Skopje- Republıc of MACEDONIA-

 Museums and Private Collections have works of  Feridun  ISIMAN`in their collections.

His paintings are in Canada, Finland Turkey, England , Macedonia, Germany ,USA. and Holland.


1998-HOLZÖSTER  -“Orientund Oxident “AUSTRIA                 

1998-III., DENİZLİ- Pamukkale Art Colony”TURKEY

1998-VELES-Rep.Of .MACEDONIA                             

1999-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006 -KİÇEVO-Rep.Of. MACEDONIA

2000-International Design Workshop-.LONDON -ENGLAND                             




2006-International Painting Symposium - PALANGA–LITHUANIA

2006-International  Ceramic Symposium-TROYAN -BULGARIA

2006-IX .Türksoy Artists Meeting .KUŞADASI- TURKEY

2006-NO BOUNDARIES International Art Colony-North Carolina- WILMINGTON .USA.

2007-XIV.International Art Colony of KICEVO – Rep of MACEDONIA.  

2007-XLIV.International  Fine Arts Colony of STRUMICA – Republic of MACEDONIA.

2008-Interdiciplinary Art Work- Shop – Lefkosa – T.R.N.C.

2008-XV.International Art Colony of Kicevo- Republic of MACEDONIA

2009-Influence of the wars in the Art of Turkish Countries-Panel-Exhibition and Concert-

            GAZI University-Fine Arts Facultee-Ankara- TURKEY

2009-ORANGE BLOSSOM I.International Fine Arts Colony. Haz.Adapazari-Sapanca-TURKEY

2009-XVI. International Art Colony of KICEVO- Republic of MACEDONIA

2009-Lucian Grigorescu InternationalArt Camp -Medgidia- ROMANIA.

2009- FALL OF THE WALL-November-Berlin GERMANY

2010-ORANGE BLOSSOM  II.Internatıonal Fıne Arts Colony Adapazarı-Sapanca –TURKEY

2010-XVII.Internatıonal KICEVO Art Colony- Kiçevo-Republic of MACEDONİA.

2011-Konya Karatay University International Ist“ARTISTS MEETING”Art Workshop.

2011-ORANGE BLOSSOM III.InternationalFineArts Colony.Adapazarı,Sapanca- TURKEY

2011-XVIII. KİCEVO International Art Colony-Kicevo-Republic of MACEDONİA.

2011-“AXİOPOLİS” İnternational ArtCamp of Cernavoda- ROMANİA

2012-I.Yeniboğaziçi İnternational Art Festival.-YeniBoğaziçi.T.R.N.C.

2012-Konya Karatay University İnternational IInd Artist Meeting-Art workshop Konya Turkey

2012-XIX.İnternational Art Colony of Kiçevo –Republic of Macedonia

2012-İnternational Art Camp of Lucian Grigorescu-Medgidia- Romania-

2012-İnternational Art Colony of Targu Jiu- Romania-

2012-OSTRAKA İnternational Art Colony-Cairo-Sharm El Sheikh--Egypt

2013-OSTRAKA İnternational Art Festival İstanbul 2013- İstanbul Turkey.

2013-Konya Karatay University-İnternational Arists Meeting-Konya Turkey

2013-Fethiye Ölüdeniz Art Colony-Fethiye-Turkey

2013-XX.Kiçevo İnternational Art Colony-Kiçevo-Macedonia

2013-Poçitelj İnternational Ar Colony-Poçitely-Bosnia-Herzegovina

2013-Lucian Grigorescu Art Camp- Medgidia- Romania-

2013-Poçitely İnt.Art Colony-“Aliya İzzetbegoviç Memory”-Poçitely-Romania-

2014-Şanlı Urfa-Harran University İnternational Art Colony-Şanlı Urfa-Turkey

2014-Özyeğin University İnternational Art Days -İstanbul-Turkey

2014-Konya Karatay University İnternational Art Colony Konya -Turkey

2014- XXI. Kiçevo İnternational Art Colony-Kiçevo-Republic of Macedonia


1973-Honorable Mantion-Lefkoşa-T.R.N.C.        

1975-Best Painting Prize- Lefkoşa -T.R.N.C.

1992-1993-1995-/ 8th-9th-10th- National Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions (First Prize)( Lefkoşa-TRNC) 1996-Culture and Art Prize of Turkish Bank-( Lefkoşa - T.R.N.C.05.07. 2003-Honorary Award of the city of Kicevo.With Denis BOWEN and Ljupcho MALENKOV.

11.11. 2003-Honorary Citizenship Award of the  Republic of Macedonia.

2006-Lions Club of Vardar- Skopje  Macedonia –Certificate of Appreciation .

2007- Honorary Member of Vardar Lions Club - Skopje-Rep.of Macedonia.


7th Luxor International Painting Symposium