Name: Najla El-Shaftari
Country: Libya


• Participated in the first & second exhibition for tourism in El- Fateh tower 2000- 2001.
• Participated in a quartet exhibition in El- Fateh tower 2002.
• Participated in the first & second youth associatio.n
• Participated in Atyaf exhibition in the central national library .
• Presented the first bilateral exhibition ( Language with no masks ) in the House of Arts ; Hassan El- faqih 2005.
• Participated in the Sudanese Cultural Week 2005.
• Presented an exhibition including the events of the training session in the center of the green Book 2005.
• Participated in the events of Cultural Days of Tripoli (Culture House ) 2005.
• Participated in the Star House exhibition for propaganda (El Deenar building ) 2006.
• Presented the first personal exhibition ( When the city sleeps ) in the House of El- Faqih Hassan in the celebration of Tripoli , the capital of Islamic Culture 2007.
• Awarded the first prize for forming arts in the seventh festival for woman 2007.
• Participated in arts exhibition in Sabha city held by studies center of The Green Book celebrating the memory of the People Power Statement 2007.
• Participated in the exhibition for Libyan artists ( To Gaza) 2008.
• Held the second private exhibition ( Things …. And other Things ) in El faqih Hassan House for arts 2009.
• Participated in the first cultural Heriot Festival at Ben Walid 2009.
• One of my paintings was used as a book cover for children book in Libya.