Name: Essmat Dawestashy
Country: egypt

Solo shows:
• Staged many solo exhibitions (64) in Alexandria, Cairo, Egypt provinces and abroad (Germany, Italy, and Kuwait), during the period from 1962 to 2002. - Exhibition entitled (the sad faces of globalization) at Bekar and Abdel-Salam al-Sharif) galleries of the Press Syndicate building in Cairo, 2004. Exhibition at Creation art gallery, 2004. - Exhibition entitle `Tableaus of lovers` at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris 2008.

Local exhibitions:
• Participated in the fine art movement since 1962, most public and national exhibitions in Egypt, in the arts of Drawing , sculpture, photography, oil painting and the installation, as well as exhibitions of Egyptian art modern.The 5th Nile Salon of Photography, 2004. Exhibition -the first Photography Forum (Meeting), at Camera Club in Alexandria Atelier 2005.-The Premiere Sculpture Salon of Noble Materials (private invitation).-The 2nd Form Through Light Art Exhibition, at Arts Palace, October 2005.The 29th National Art Exhibition, 2005.
• Exhibition ` The Folk Hertiage` - Nahdiet Misr gallery - Mahmoud Mukhtar Center 2006
• 1st Festival of Fine Creation ( General exhibition and 1st Fine Art Fair) 2007
• Exhibition entitle ` Alexandrian meeting` - Mahmoud Saeed Center of Museums 2007
• 2nd Festival of Fine Creation (31st General exhibition) 2008.
International exhibitions:
• Participated in the exhibition of Artists of Alexandria in Spain 1978.- Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibitions in Germany, Greece 1983 1987 1988, Mexico 1993, Italy 1991, France 1994, Bulgaria1997, Osbekdan 1999 Lebanon1999, Spain 1999.-the Tokyo International Photography Salon ,1994.- Alexandria Biennale, 1994.- Civilizations Forum in Germany 1995.
• The 8th Cairo International Biennale 2001.- Symposium Aswan International 2000 2001.
• Exhibition of the 3rd workshop in Photography at galleries of Alexandria Atelier , April 2008.



• Radio France awards for poster design about Africa 1988.Jury award in Alexandria Biennale 1994.

Private collection:
• (Egypt-Libya-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait-Lebanon-Sudan-Greece-Italy-France-United States-Germany).

State collection:
• Museum of Egyptian Modern Art in Cairo and Alexandria. • The Ministry of Culture.- Museum of Fine Arts.- Museum of Faculty Fine Arts, Menia Universi-ty.-Egyptian Opera House.