Name: Assem Abdel Fatah
Country: egypt

Private Exhibitions:
• Exhibition in Cairo Atelier in 1983.
• Exhibition in the community of Arts in Zamalek 1989.
• Exhibitions in Cairo Atelier 1996, 1999.
• Exhibition under the name of «colorful notes» in the hall of Gogan in Zamalek, Nov. 2007.

Local Collective Exhibitions:
• Exhibition of Family & Forming Arts 1981, 1982.
• May Exhibition for Forming Arts 1982, 1983.
• Exhibition of Hafez & Shawki for forming arts 1983.
• Public exhibition 1983 /1988.
• Exhibition under the name of Academy in Gogan in Misr Algadida in 2007.
• Saloon of the 4th spring in the two halls ( Aljesr and Alkalema 2 ) in Abd el Meneim Alsawy wheel , April 2010.
• Exhibition of «love Touch» in the hall of Forming Arts in the musical li-brary,May,2010.

International Collective Exhibitions:
• Exhibition of Islamic Miniature in Algeria in 2007.


• B.A.of the faculty of Fine Arts, PaintingDept.,Helwan Univ.,1982.
• Master Degree in Painting, faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan Univ. 1989PHD in Philosophy,faculth of Fine Arts, major/ Painting.
• Member in the syndicate of forming artists
• Member in the group of El-Ghory artists.


Museum of modern Egyptian art in Cairo.
• Ministry of Culture.
• Supreme Council for Culture.
• Faculty of Teachers in El Medina El Monawara.
• Univ. of El Zaytona in Jordan.
• Exhibition Del Bello, Toronto, Canada