Name: Samir Fouad
Country: Egypt
Birth: born in Heliopolis, Cairo


• He graduated from Cairo University with B.Sc. in Communication Engineering in 1966.
• He worked in information technology and practiced paining in parallel watercolours.
• He continued to self-develop, by reading and visiting galleries and museums, particularly in England which he frequently visited, and where he held his first one man show in 1971.
• He went to Kenya on a job assignment in 1975; he actively participated in the art movement in Nairobi, and when back in Cairo in 1977 he held an exhibition of works executed in Kenya.
• In 1980 he met Hassan Soliman, who helped him to further develop his abilities and actively introduced him to the Egyptian art scene.
• He has been actively participating in the Egyptian art movement since 1984 exhibiting in national and collective exhibitions, and since 1997 he has held eight one-man shows, and represented Egypt in the International Watercolour Biennal in 2001.
• He wrote a book about watercolours in 2006 considered the only reference in Arabic about this medium, and co-wrote with critic Salah Bisar a book about artist Hassan Soliman in 2010.
• He retired from his job and has been solely devoted to his art since the beginning of 2001.
• Although considered one of the leading Egyptian watercolourists, he works equally well in oil, acrylics and multimedia, and his art is said to be anti-static and counter-arrest and has been described as capturing the flight of the moment and the essence of the passing of time on the subjects of his canvases.