Name: Helmy Eltouni
Country: Egypt


painter and graphic designer.
• Studied arts at the faculty of fin arts, cairo.
• Worked in several fields related to the visual arts.
• painting-graphic design -publishing -puppet theatre-furniture design
• considered one of the top artists in the field of «book» and «book-cover» design and the illustration of book for children in the arab world.
• Author and illustrator of several children books and posters published U.N. or-ganizations.
• Holder of many prizes including the Leipzig fair medal and «bologna».
• Held many one – man exhibitions in Egypt and the arab countries.
• Participated in group exhibitions worldwide.
• His works to be found in art collections in arab contries, Europe and the USA.
• His oil paintings art of symbolic nature, inspired by Egyptian folk art.
• Currently holds the position of artistic editor in chief of the prestigious political and cultural monthly magazine «weghat nazar».