Name: Aichatou Dieng
Country: Senegal

• Stage in service training course in design and Decoration at Architecture Cabinet Goudiaby Atépa 1993
• Stage in-service training loan from Mr. Yeung Djeung Guy, expert-Democratic People´s Republic of Korea in terms of decoration gymnastic movement in 1994
Internship in GIS-Icotaf as textile design 1997
• Stage- in-service training to SOSENAP as mat designer 1998 .
• Stage- in-service training school’s radio and television service in Senegal as a voiceover, book illustration and decorative plates, instructional television 1995.
• Member of International Association of Plastic Arts 2000.
• Production and design of a local market «LOUMA” craftsmen with the NGO ENDA at the Independence Square in Dakar 1999 .
• Illustration of a book on the wars ILO Dakar entitled “The liberian experience in 1996”.

• Participation in exhibitions OFF each “Biennale des Arts” of Daka Group exhibition in St. Louis Jazz Festival 1998 SENEGAL.
• Collective exhibition at the gallery Yacine Arts 2000.
• Women ‘s collective exhibition at the Cultural Center for the fortnight DOUTA SECK collective.
• Exhibition gallery Daniel Sears in France 1997.
• Exhibition collective IFAN FEMIN’ ART 2003 .
• Individual exhibition at IFAN with Amnesty International Violence against Women 2002.
• Painting Competition Exhibition «KERMEL Market blooming” 3rd request paint 2005.
• Collective exhibition at the National Gallery DJAMIL'ART of Senegal 2004 .
• Painting Exhibition Cultural Week Awards Houphouet Boigny in Paris 2006.
• Painting exhibition in Germany at the international association of art 2002.
• TV decoration and set RTS Can (African Cup of nations)2002, 2004, 2006.
• Opening a decoration workshop in 2008: ADIDECO 2008 .
• Women’s day exhibition to Burkina Faso in 2008 Fespaco ; the fifteen of march.
• GHANA collective exhibition in 2009 with Art in Action.
• Exhibition at Marc Perrot institution as solo show in Senegal.
• Exhibition in South Africa 2010 Africa Village.
• Participation with embellishment mosaic in new bridge of ANOCI 2008.
• Participation in the decoration of the memory square of Senegal 2008
• Exhibition of the international selection FESMAN (World Festival of Negro Arts) 2010.


• Occupation: Artist Painter Designer Environmentalist
• A graduates of the “National School of Fine Arts” in Senegal. After college art department, environment and scenery work specialization. This department is also a research unit and of the traditions of art and furniture, tools, visual objects and textile design.