Name: Mostafa Meshaal
Country: Egypt
Birth: Born in Al Gharbiya 1944


Member of the Plastic Artists Syndicate
Member of the Artists and Writers Association (Alexandria Atelier)
Member of “Assala” Association for Heritage
and Contemporary Arts – Cairo
Professions and Career:
Fine Arts Specialist at Al Gharbiya Cultural Palace
Manager of the Artistic Department – Al Gharbiya Cultural Palace
General Manager of the Al Gharbiya Cultural Palace
Lecturing the Art Education at the Faculty of the Specific Arts –Tanta (Painting – Photography)
Lecturing Art Education in Algeria at “Asnam” City (1977- 1981)
The undersecretary of the arts affairs at the Tanta Cultural Palace
Editor in Chief of the “Atelier” Magazine, published by the General
Arts Authority – Gharbiya Fine Artist Assignments and missions:
The preparation of Al Gharbiya pavilion at the Tourism Fair in Cairo during successive years
He performed the decoration of the industrial agricultural exhibition
in Gharbiya
Member of the 12th jury committee of the Youth Salon 2000
He has published several artistic articles at the local press
He participated in numerous artistic lectures


By many individuals in Egypt and all over the world
Official acquisitions;
The Museum of Egyptian Modern Art
The new Opera House
Al Ahram Foundation
The Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture
The Museum of Modern Art in Alexandria
The Exhibition of Delta artist with artists; Mostafa Bat, Abdel Wahab Abdel Mohsen