Name: Nazli Madkour
Country: Egypt
Birth: Born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1949


Where she lives and works. She holds a masters degree in Political Economy from the American University in Cairo. Since 1982, she had over 35 solo shows and took part in numerous collective exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. She has exhibited in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Holland, Greece, Lebanon, Sharjah, Qatar, Bahrein, Kuwait, Ecuador, Japan, China, USA, and Canada. Her works were acquired by numerous private and public collections in Egypt and abroad.
• Ms. Madkour is the author of the book Women and Art in Egypt (in Arabic, 1989 - in English, 1993). She illustrated a deluxe edition of Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz book “Arabian Days and Nights” published by the “Limited Editions Club” in New York in 2005. The book and the originals were first exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C. (USA) in June 2005; they were then shown in Egypt, Holland, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden,
the UK and Canada.
• Her works fall between abstraction and figuration exploring an inner world inspired from Egyptian landscape and often haunted by the women of Egypt. Her paintings are mostly textured
with a stress on earth tones, yet more colors and textural illusions have seeped into her recent works. Her sources are predominantly local and her aesthetic language universal.