Name: Suhil Bedor
Country: Syria

1981 THRU 2009
• Annual Fine Arts Exhibition in Syria since 1982.
• Exhibitions of Emirates Fine Arts Society from 1991 - 2003.
• Spring Exhibition, Syria.

• Goethe Institute, Syria.
• Imar Gallery, Syria.
• German Cultural Council, Syria.
• Arab Cultural Center, Syria.
• Al Suwaida Museum, Syria.
• Dir Ateyah Museum, Syria.
• Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi.
• Ishtar Gallery, Syria.
• Abu Dhabi Tourist Club.

• American University of
Sharjah Exhibition.
• From India to Levant
Exhibition, Dubai.
• Damascus Gallery, Syria.
• Mando Gallery, UAE.
• Khan Murjan Gallery, UAE.
• Geneva Exhibition.
• Qibab Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi.
• Four Wall Gallery Exhibition, Dubai.
• USA, Brussels, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan


• Member of the Fine Arts Association, Syria
• Member of the Union of Arab Formative Artists
• Honorary Member of the Asian World Center of Arts, USA
• Member of Emirates Fine Arts Society.
• Member of the Professional Artists Assembly of Eastern Asian.