Name: Abdul Rahman Ibrahim AL-SOLIMAN
Country: Saudi Arabia
Birth: He was born in the city of Al-Ahsa. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he received his primary education

started his participation since 1971 in an exhibition organized by the Club of Al-Etefag in Dammam in which he offered 18 oil paintings .
Exhibition organized by the General Presidency for Youth Welfare and the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts and Arts House in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Roshan Hall of Fine Arts in Jeddah, House of Artists in Jeddah, Jeddah Atelier. Hall of the third dimension in Jeddah .
Saudi Art Exhibition in India, Turkey, Italy and Kuwait, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and the United States of America, Malaysia, France, Britain and other .
Youth Festival Omani Sultanate of Oman 1983 .
Arab Youth Festival. Riyadh 1986 .
Friends Art Exhibition in the "states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Cairo, Tunisia, Oman, Dominica, Madrid, Bonn, Washington, Damascus, Istanbul," since 1985 .
Exhibition " The Kingdom between yesterday and today " in Cairo, Paris, London, some U.S. cities .
Saudi cultural week in Algeria and was the representative of the Kingdom 1984 .
Kuwait Gallery of Art Arab years 1985, 1987, 1989 .
The Second International Exhibition of Culture and Tourism , Ankara. Istanbul then in Rome, 1986 .
Asia Exhibition today. Seoul. South Korea 1986 .
Expo. Vancouver. Canada 1986 .
The first festival of the Union of Arab artists. Algeria 1987 .
the second International Festival of Fine Arts , Baghdad , "Art for Humanity" .
TheNational Festival in the Emirate of Sharjah, and was the representative of the Kingdom 1989 .
The first periodic exhibition for the artists of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Riyadh 1989 .
The art exhibition of Islamic countries. Center Albrbekan. London 1989 .
Cairo International Biennale 1992 / 1993 .
International Symposium parallel to the International Triennial Alkravek. Cairo 1993 / 1994 .
International Symposium parallel to the Fifth International Cairo Biennale 1994 .
The Saudi art exhibition that accompanies the World Cup in the United States of America. Washington and he was the representative of the Kingdom 1994 .
Fine Art Gallery of the Non-Aligned Movement. Jakarta. Indonesia 1995 .
Sharjah International Biennial II and participated in the colloquium associated with 1995 .
Cervantes Festival. Mexico 1996 .
Gallery artists GCC. Rome. Italy, and was the representative of the Kingdom 1996 .
A joint exhibition with artists Saudis, "Abdullah al-Sheikh, Taha Saban, Nile Mullah" Jeddah 1996 .
Jakarta International Festival. Indonesia 1996 .
Sharjah International Biennial III. Arab Emirates Nations 1997 .
Seminar on "visual poetry" international parallel to the Third International Biennial, Sharjah 1997 .
Gallery A selection of contemporary Arab art. State of Bahrain, Hall Gallery 1998 .
Seventh International Cairo Biennale of Art Arab Republic of Egypt 1998 .
Triennial India 1998 .
International Biennale Bangladesh 1998 .
Saudi cultural week in Spain, 1418/1998 .
Gallery of Modern Arab Art in the twentieth century. Beirut, Lebanon 1999 .
Art Galleries and Heritage Saudi Czech and Slovak Republics 1999/2000 .
The exhibition "East and West" with the artists Saban Taha and Abdullah Sheikh Abdullah Hamas, Khobar 1999 , Jeddah 2000 .
Head of one of the sessions of the international intellectual Sharjah Biennial of Art 2001 .
Art Festival for all. Organized by Mansourieh for culture and creativity, Jeddah 2001.
Symposium prospects Art, organized by the Saudi Arabian Airlines 2002.
" Al- Safir" First Competition of Plastic Arts, Riyadh, 2002 .
Saudi cultural week in Tunisia 2006 and the Ministry of Culture and Information .
Symposium criticism and creativity, the Cultural Department Government of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Nations 2006.
Joint Exhibition (MOASEROON) with Sheikh Abdullah and Mohammed Sagoubi in " turath al-Sahara" hall Al-khubr 2009 .
Joint exhibition (MOKARAPAT) with Abdullah Marzook and Hashim Sultan, Abdul Aziz Ashur, the Hall of "Al-Markhia" in Qatar, 2009-2010 .
Gallery (LOHA L-KOL BAIT) organized by the Jeddah Atelier 2009-2010 .

Solo Exhibitions : -

1983 Dammam. Oberoi Hotel Dammam .
1989 Tangier. Kingdom of Morocco. Public Library .
1991 Riyadh. Palace of Culture. Diplomatic Quarter .
1994 Jeddah. House of Fine Hall "Hafryat zakera" , "Excavations of Memory" .
1999 Sharjah. Personal exhibitions within the SB of the Fourth International .
1999 Jeddah. Atelier Jeddah, "Tahwlat Al-Mkan" , "Changing of places".
2002 Cairo. Within the show of one of ten Saudis artists , the Palace of Arts .
2002 Al-Khubr . "Enmaa" haal , "Mnakhat" , "climates" .
2004 Kuwait. Art Gallery "Mnakhat Okhra" , "other climates," National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters .
2008 Jeddah Chamber global "Athr" , "impact" .


The president of the Saudi Society of Fine Arts since its inception .
A founder member of the Federation of Associations of the Fine Arts in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council .
Editor of Fine Arts newspaper AL-YOUM Saudi Arabia since 1983, and supervised by the Fine Arts pages .
His writings published in Al-Hayat newspaper, writes a weekly column in the cultural magazine in the newspaper Al-Jazeera and column in culture-page newspaper AL-YOUM.
The author of "the process of THE Saudi Fine Art " was issued in 2000 .
Participated in the arbitration number of exhibitions held within the Kingdom and in some countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council .
Prepared a radio program entitled "magazine Fine Art" to Radio Saudi Arabia.
Head of department of Fine Arts Association of Culture and Arts in Dammam from 1987 to 2000 .
Served as director of activities, and Head of the Department of Media and publishing, the decider of the Fine Arts Department of Culture and Arts Association since 1979, Dammam .
organized and participated in a number of exhibitions, lectures and symposia in the eastern region and the Kingdom .
Participated in "the concerns of drilling and dyeing season oilseed Asila cultural in Morocco" several sessions .
A founder member of the group "Friends of Fine Art 1985 Gulf " .
Membership of the International Association of art , Paris .
Membership of the Bahrain Society of Fine Arts, 1986 .
Member of the Preparatory Committee for the establishment of the Saudi Society of Fine Arts 2006 .
Member of the Organizing Committee for the second contest " Al- Safir" of Fine Arts, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia 2006 .
Member of the Jury in Al-Kharafi International Biennial of contemporary Arab art. Kuwait 2006 .
Member of Jury at the Festival of Jeddah Post 2007 .


he was honored at the Festival of the pioneers and innovators. Syrian Arab Republi .
2003 First Prize "graphics" exhibition Seventeenth regions of the Kingdom, the General Presidency for Youth Welfare .
2002 The eighth prize, " Al-Safir" first arts competition .
1997 Third prize "representation" of the Third International Sharjah Biennial of Art. United Arab Emirates .
1991 Fourth prize. Group Exhibition Fourth artists Kingdom. Abha .
Certificate of Appreciation Award and gold medal at the "tenth,eleven" exhibitions of the Arab Fine Artists. Kuwait1987-1989 .
first prize in three consecutive sessions of Saudi contemporary art exhibition. Riyadh1985-1988-1989 .
1986 Third prize of the year's show for holdings. Riyadh .
1982 first prize in the second exhibition contest of the Assembly of culture and the arts. Alahsa .