Name: Yaminia Al Eyouni
Country: Tunisia

1981 THRU 2009
• Annual Fine Arts Exhibition in Syria since 1982.
• Exhibitions of Emirates Fine Arts Society from 1991 - 2003.
• Spring Exhibition, Syria.
• Active Participant in Visual Experiments, House of Artist,
since 1995, Sharjah.
• Technical Art Workshop “Artistic Crushing of Waste”, Geneva.
• Art Workshop “Walls Painting”, Creighton University, USA.
• Syria, Lebanon, France, Belgium, UAE, Italy, Netherland,
Australia, USA and Spain.
• Art Arbitration Member, UAE & Oman.
• Art Activities Supervisor, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai, UAE.
• Seasoned Artist with principal of place of business in the
UAE & Geneva.
• Member of the Panel of Judges.


Member of the Fine Arts Association, Syria
• Member of the Union of Arab Formative Artists
• Honorary Member of the Asian World Center of Arts, USA
• Member of Emirates Fine Arts Society.
• Member of the Professional Artists Assembly of Eastern Asian.