Country: Turkish, British
Birth: izmir, turkey, 23may 1948


1971-80 : Established "ERBiL'' Fine Art Studio and taught Oil painting mosaic, ceramic, etching and batik techniques.
1980-83 Established "SERAMAR" Fine Art Gallery and Studio, organised and curated exhibitions and continued teaching
1983-84: Won the British Council Scholarship in Arts_ Attended College, University of London, England,
1984-94 : Stayed in Lon Established don to live and work.
1985-87: Built a 1 00m2` mosaic mural which Was commissioned to her by the Haringey Art council and Haringey council .
1994-97: Moved to New York U.S.A , founded her own studio, and exhibiting her work
1992: "Home to Yunus Emre", oil paintings, Contemporary Art and Sculpture Museum, Smyrna, Turkey.
1992: "Respect to Mevlana", oil paintings, Galata Mevlevihanesi, Istanbul, Turkey.
1991: "Soft Sculpture and Installation", Gallerie Smend Cologne. Germany.
1989: "Happy Birthday Mandela" oil paintings and installations, Recreation Park, Haringey, London, U.K.
1985: "Happy Birthday Mandela" oil Paintings, Original Gallery, London, U.K.
1982: "Mysticism", oil paintings, Galata Mevlevihanesi, Istanbul, Turkey.
1981: "Sufism", oil paintings and prints, Galeri Seramar, Istanbul, Turkey.
1980: ""Eternity", oil paintings, paints and installation, Harbiye City Theater Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.
1979: "Market", oil paintings and ceramics, Deventer Gallery, Deventer, Holland.
1978: "Bazaars", oil paintings and ceramics, Gallerie Preuss, Hamburg, Germany.
1977:"Optical Puzzles", oil paintingy Taksim City Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.
1976: "Period Red", oil paintings, Taksim City Gallery, Istanbul. Turkey.
1975: "Markets & Bazaars'', oil paintings, Contemporary Art and Sculpture
Museum, Smyrna, Turkey.
1974:"Figs & Pomegranates", oil paintings and ceramics. Melda Kaptana Gallery, Istanbul,
1973: "Bazaars", oil paintings. Taksim City Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey,
1972: "Market", oil paintings and etching, the French Cultural Center, Ankara, Turkey.
1971: "Protest Meetings", oil paintings and prints, Association of United Printers and Sculptors, Ankara, Turkey.
1969: "Portraits, Still-Life and Landscapes, marketplaces", oil paintings and drawings, Ahmet Vefik Pasa Gallery, Bursa, Turkey.
1998: Founded Gallery X in Harlem New York City (it became a Center and a School for the cutting edge artists from all over the world)
1998-2002:Started a Foundation for HARLEM BIENNALE and tried to realize but no sponsors...
1998-2002: X-TREME: X-teriors X-hibitions started as the embryo project for the Harlem Biennal from Marcus Garvey Park.
2000-2002-2004: AUDIO-VIDEO Festival at the Gallery X in New York and Istanbul
2002: Moved Gallery X from New York to Istanbul,
2003: Founded Istanbul Modern Sanatlar Muzesi Dernegi, an association to start international modern art museum
2004-10: Had solo shows and group shows