Name: Awatef Jaafar Saleh Alsafwan
Country: Saudi Arabia
Birth: Born on the island of Tarot eastern region, Saudi Arabia

[Personal exhibitions]
* Exhibition bilateral Studio ((future gate)), the Youth Club Lounge Social Service Center Governorate Qatif, in: 1421h.
* Permanent exhibition of artists formation of Saudi women, King Abdul-Aziz in his office - the women,s section - Branch of the box.
* First personal exhibition (miniatures), 30 September - 12 the October 2009


Member of the status of social service Qutif – the
women,s - Women,s Forum artistic.
Member of the Saudi Society for Plastic Arts.


* E permissible acquisition through participation P contest Ambassador plastic second year: 1428h.
* Award acquisition through participation in the exhibition's fourth ARTISTS formation for the year: 1429 h - 2008 m.