Name: Piero mascetti
Country: Italy
Birth: He was born In Rome in 1963

Among the most important events of his career we recall his participation in the 14th session of the national quadrennial in Rome ( Preview Naples ) , in the 23rd Giffoni film festival in 2003 and 2008 , in the 21st national art prize Ferruccio Ferrazzi in sabaudia , in the contemporary art national exhibits in Campomarino ( first prize ) , in the exhibits in the senate house in 2005 , and in the television program " the making of painting " by Raffaele Simongini ( art new Rai educational ) .
In 2008 he took part in the " paraboles exhibition " organized in Cairo , at the Gezira art center by studio s-art Contemporanea and sponsored by the Egyptian ministry of culture –sector of fine arts and by the Italian institute of culture in Cairo


very young he started to study oil painting and to experiment with new materials that he partly keeps on using even nowadays self-taught , he is fully devoted to his work was immediately appreciated by the public and the art critics .
His first one- man show is dated 1994 and is followed by two official one-man shows , in Cerveteri ( palazzo Comunale 1997 ) and Zagarolo ( palazzo Rospigliosi 1999 ) .
His works are abstract-informal compositions where color dominates with dramatic strength .
In 2001 he established with a roman art critic , Andrea Romoli Barberini , and some Italian and foreign artists " the group " , a team trying out a new pictorial language and organizing exhibits in Italy and abroad .