Name: Agnes Pezeu
Country: France
Birth: Born in 1965, she is from the Comtat Venaissin's region.

Most important individual exhibitions:
2008: Nine5 gallery, New York.
2007: Orangerie du Luxembourg; Paris.
«Brun Léglise» gallery; Paris.
2006: «water colors» exhibition, St Cloud garden.
2005: «Mediart» gallery, «shadows dialogue» from 5 / 10 to 5 / 11, Paris.
«Bagatelle» gallery, from 7/7 to 25/8, Aix les Bains.
2004: «Cardinal» gallery, Ajaccio.
2003: Luxembourg Garden (Paris): installation between the Luxembourg garden>s trees of a big painting.
«Bagatelle» gallery, Aix les Bains.
2001: «Mediart» gallery, Paris
« 6Bis», L'Abbaye street, Paris.
Most important group exhibitions:
2008: Ministry of culture, Paris.
2006: « Maria Burger» gallery, Munich, Germany.
2005: Arches> Artists exhibition; Guro. Korea.
2004: «Nathalie Gaillard» gallery, Paris. And an exhibition at «La carte a jouer» museum, Issy les Moulineaux.
2003: Korean cultural center, Paris.
2002: France – Quebec, «Doutremont» gallery, Montreal.


Atelier's address: Arche 10, bd Garibaldi 92130 Issy les Moulineaux
E.mail :
Site :
Phone number: 06 03 99 53 85She participated in many artistic events, the most important are:
2008: )Touch(, Meix Roblin art's center ­­– realized a painting (length 24m).
2006: «water color>s paintings» – from 15 / 4 / 06 to 15 / 6 / 06.
2003: «Between – Arada» plastic and sound>s installation, modern art>s museum LV4. Istanbul.
2003: designed the light of the Issy les Moulineaux's arches.
2002: «in the heart» – plastic installation. Mamers Festival; France.
2000: designed, organized and installed a musical and plastic event. Issy les Moulineaux.


Realized many outdoors Frescos in many French cities, and others for private collectors.